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For their holidays: the rich go see the world; the poor go see their parents. - Mokokoma Mokhonoana

xxxxx Arriving from Argentina via the world, Valentina would love to make something of herself but the appeal of being a socialite with no cares is quite hard to resist. Arriving in Fallcoast to ostensibly make business connections for the family concerns, it's really more about gossip, networking and the snow season.

RP Hooks

  • Argentinian - From a ridiculously wealthy family with their hand in everything from mining to cattle; both messy things to have your hands in.
  • High Society - Eager to join the local version and see if gossip and cliques are universal.
  • Businesswoman - She does actually have a Business Management degree but has to fight to be considered seriously by her family. Though she doesn't fight that hard.


Black - Seems to have a sixth sense.

Crystal - University student who likes to try the Dark Side while pretending to be as pure as snow.

Elsa - First recipient of the scholarship. Fully deserving.

Iezika - Elsa's partner. Bright and curious.

Nathalie - Fellow tormentor of Crystal. Software designer and clothes shop owner? A true businesswoman.

Tristan - High society doctor who my parents tried to set me up with...though he's not too bad.


Enrico - Chauffeur. Bodyguard. General scowler.


Moved On

Calliope - Society leader - who seems to be being hunted by killers. I hope they didn't get her.

Evan - A cop who tries so hard to be better. He amuses me.

Lisette - Another that is being hunted by killers. Maybe Society is not the place to be here?



Valentina Vidal
In game as: Valentina
Date of Birth: 15 February 1990
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Height: 5'7"
Occupation: Seriously?
Virtue: Mercy
Vice: Parsimony
Striking Looks: ** Elegant Purity
Played By: Ana de Armas
Professional Training: ***** Socialite
High Society: *

Scouting for Girls - Posh Girls

  • (2017.03.25)
Country Club Expansion
  • (2017.04.17)
A New Scholarship?
  • (2017.04.30)
Congratulations, Elsa