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"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair"

Name Valentin Santiago Lopez De Silva Clan Ventrue
Bloodline Architect of the Monolith Covenant Invictus
Virtue Utopian Vice Arrogance
Apparent Age Twenty Something Birthdate 13 December 1926
Occupation Industrialist Coterie None

“When the ancients discovered ‘Phi’, they were certain they had stumbled across God’s building block for the world.”

  • Argentinian by birth, though most of his unlife has been spent in Boston. Too old to really be considered a neonate, he's branching out from the shadow of his sire and taking his first steps as a full fledged Ancilla. Relocating to Fallcoast is an important first step.

  • A Ventrue and a member of the Invictus, Valentin oozes old money and privilege. He's considered well bred, his sire being an elder of some note in Boston. He's taken the time to master several of the Blood Oaths of the Invictus in the hope of eventually rising to the rank of Notary.

  • Scion of a wealthy industrial dynasty, Valentin's family made their fortune in steel. Having grown rich supplying every tinpot dictator and military junta of the last century, the day to day running of De Silva Steel is now left to one of Valentin's ghouls, allowing him to pursue other interests.
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Valentin City.gif “Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space."

  • An Architect of the Monolith and a student of the Gilded Cage, the strange blood sorcery practiced by their bloodline. Valentin draws upon geomantic energies, sacred geometry and mystic architecture to harness and focus the energy of the city and turn it to his will.

  • Refined in his tastes; not just any old blood will satisfy his rarefied palate. Afflicted with a preferential obsession, he will only drink from an improper vessel under direst of circumstances and then only lightly. His diet consists entirely of males no older than he was at the moment of his embrace.

  • A patron of the arts, Valentin is the cultured sort and can regularly be found at theatres, galleries and museums. He's surprisingly well informed, showing an interest beyond the superficial and is known to make sizeable donations to causes and artists that capture his imagination.

  • Influential in all the right circles; if Valentin's time among the Boston Invictus taught him anything it's that it's not what you know, it's who you know. With a network of allies and retainers spanning the fields of finance, industry and local government, he's well placed to make things happen.

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Valentin 002.jpg There is
in the humming
of the strings,
there is
in the spacing
of the spheres.
Valentin 003.jpg Valentin City 002.jpg
The sky over New York and the will of man made visible.
What other religion do we need?
The Personal Staff
Reginald Gregory Crawford-Smyth IV Reginald Gregory Crawford-Smyth IV was Valentin's first ghoul, the two having been together since about the mid 1980's. A wealthy Hedge Fund Manager, he handles much of the day to day running of De Silva Steel Ltd. His contacts within the financial industry have proven invaluable. Harvey Brooke Harvey Brooke
is a recent acquisition. As an Eternal Immortal, Harvey represents a steady and near inexhaustible source of suitable blood as well as having near encyclopedic occult knowledge and ability with various forms of low magic among his many talents.
Gino Di Polo Gino Di Polo
is one of Valentin's newer ghouls, having been picked up in the early 2000's. A scion of one of the east coast's leading crime families, his contacts have proven useful on more than one occasion. He acts as a bodyguard when a little extra muscle is required.
Tommy Wilson Tommy Wilson