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Lily is a Medium and can do some nifty little things. Apparently it’s a Talbot family ‘affliction’.
Maybe you’ve seen her Youtube channel “Halt Couture”. It’s all about beauty, fashion, and makeup! Yes, learn how to over line those lips, girls!
Believe it or not, this girl is S-M-A-R-T. Let’s talk about fascinating things like ‘’Ancient Cultures’’, ‘’The Evolution of Fashion’’, ‘’The Effect of Social Media on the Youth.’’
Fallcoast High School
Class of 2010!!
St. John’s University
This is where Lily devotes most of her time. She’s a graduate student and a teacher’s assistant to the eccentric Professor Alaric. As an undergrad, Lily was also part of a sorority.
Self-Proclaimed "Queen of Selfies."

About Me

Lily Talbot was born and bred in Fallcoast and is currently a graduate student at St. John's University. She attended Fallcoast High School and graduated in 2010. While in high school, Lily was part of many social and academic clubs, including cheerleading and the humanities club. Things didn't change too much for her during her undergraduate years at St. John's. Lily became heavily involved in her sorority and her social life was always buzzing. It never took a toll on her studies and she graduated in the top ten percent of her graduating class.

Her family can be traced back to Salem, Massachusetts and there is 'rumor' they have direct ancestral line to a family of witches that immigrated from Ireland. The Talbots of Fallcoast have several roots in Europe due to their nomadic lifestyle. The actual surname translates into "Messenger of Destruction."

Family and Friends


Lily Madeleine

Full Name: Lily Talbot
Birth Date:
Apparent Age:
Occupation: Student
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Vanity
Template: Mortal/Psychic

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Smiley and the Supermodels