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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

– Maya Angelou


xxxxxI am an old, off-and-on player of Fallcoast/The Reach for many years, and have had the pleasure of playing the game in many capacities during my time here. I typically enjoy characters with deep, rich stories, and a particular theme or focus. I tend to be a bit finicky about who I RP with, but note that the decision isn't based on the quality of the other character as much as how well they will mesh with my character. I'm notoriously friendly, so feel free to page if you have a scene idea for any of my characters, regardless of which character I'm logged into.

Active Characters

xxxxxIt should be mentioned that if you want to RP with any of the characters listed as active, you should page me on the most recently active character, as I often leave other characters idle while focusing on one.

Sebastian Jäger
Inactive Characters
DeAndre Lewis
Bobby Skinner
Retired Characters
Plot Logs
  • (2017.06.05)
The Foxfire Forest
  • (2017.06.10)
The Kobold in the Walls
  • (2017.06.12)
The Wraith of Alderstone Mountain pt. 1
  • (2017.06.17)
The Gambler pt. 1
  • (2017.06.17)
The Ladies of the Lake
  • (2017.06.18)
The Rat King
  • (2017.06.20)
The Gambler pt. 2
  • (2017.07.16)
They're Dead, Technically pt. 1
The Storyteller

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