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“Thug life? More like hug life. C'mere.”

– Random post on the Internet

About Me

xxxxxI'm Cuddlebunchkins. I probably won't destroy you and all you stand for. I aim to be friendly and approachable. Page me if you want to. I don't even mind people paging my alts as long as they're cool if I say I can't do stuff with the other PC at that time. I like inter-sphere interaction. I don't see the point of having a multi-sphere game if the spheres don't interact. My win condition is everyone having fun, so if whatever story line we're playing strays into OOCly unpleasant territory, tell me! I'm flexible within reason. I run stuff when I've got time and energy, everything from one-shots to long story lines and points between. Also, I'm scatterbrained with short term memory issues, so if we're due to have a thing and I don't follow up on it, it's okay to remind me. I wouldn't have offered in the first place if I didn't mean to follow through. There is a 99.99999% chance I merely forgot.

Stuff I Can ST For
  • Mortal/Mortal+
  • Immortal
  • Changeling
  • Spirit Stuff
  • Some Ghost Stuff
  • Some Mage

xxxxxIf it's not on the list, that's not an automatic no. I'm willing to give anything a try.
xxxxxCaveat: I may ask for help with implementing mechanics (for combat especially). It's the memory thing. There are a lot of crunchy bits, and if I don't use something every day, it's got a shelf-life of about a week.

Current Alts

Past Alts
  • Elia/Jozef/Joel@TR
  • Isador/Lorenzo@HM
  • Michael/Holland@Darkwater

Useful Links I Want to Remember