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“If you have everything under control, you're not moving fast enough.”

Mario Andretti

The Underground Street Racing League

xxxxxMixed up with criminal elements, part of the subtle warfare on the streets, is the underground street racing league. If you love to go fast, brake all the rules, and most important of all win; then this is where you belong.

What we are about.

xxxxxA street racing league in Fallcoast, comprised of various members of the criminal and law spheres, we want to create a fun time with an element of risk and reward. Buy a car, or a motorcycle, and join in the fun. Enhance your ride to win, or bet on the winner and walk away with a fist full of dollars. Just watch out for the police, because they could show up at any moment. If you get caught it could mean some jail time!

The Rules.
  • Be cool. Have fun. We are here to tell a good story and get people involved with the RP of some street racing. This means there are going to be possible consequences. However, there will also be some minor rewards as well. If we all work together we can have some fun stories.
  • You may win. You may lose. If you lose resources gambling, or get put in jail, or get hurt IC in a crash, it is all part of the story. Have fun with it.
  • Cars are IC. If you race then you must bring your own vehicle. It doesn't have to be -your- car, but a vehicle will not be provided and there is a chance that something could happen to the vehicle. Special Note: Vehicles should not exceed base dealer/factory costs of $40k, and this is per staff. Anyone using a vehicle worth more than that and running from the cops faces significant trouble due to an ongoing Law plot. Mods and everything can be worth whatever the PC wants, but racing with a BMW M3 is REALLY bad.
  • There will be criminals involved and at times there will be cops involved. Play nice (see below).
  • Important vehicle stats that will impact the race are as follows: Acceleration, Safe Speed, Top Speed, Handling, Durability and Structure.
  • Vehicles can be modified in those previous named areas per the modification rules in Armory.
  • Gambling: All racers will be scored in the areas of Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling, and Driver skill. This will decide a simplified version of odds for betting.
  • Resources gained through betting on racing will give 'Race Resources' (see below) that can be spent in the league, but not on the rest of the game. ( This is to simplify things so staff doesn't have to keep track of a huge economy. ) So these 'Race Bucks' can be used to modify cars, bet on races, possibly get favors from people for trade IN the league. We will have a running tally on this page.

xxxxxSome place cool! Working on this.

OOC Memorandum of Understanding (Important! Read before Signing Up!)
xxxxxBy adding your name to this page, you the player are agreeing to certain behaviors. First and foremost, all players are expected to behave professionally and work with each other. There will be chases and high speed pursuits involving law enforcement sometimes. This is because your PC is breaking the law. If you run from the police, this is evading arrest. If you are caught, there will be consequences. However, the officers who have added their names to this page are the ones who have the distinction of acknowledging a few things as well. All officers who add their name to this page understand that putting someone away for 6 months for street racing is an effective PK so all officers are requested to work with PC's who are caught so that they can get back on the street ASAP. Maybe probation, maybe community service, maybe sentenced to time served. An officer can impound a PC's vehicle for up to 14 days without staff permission and any officers looking to jail someone for longer than 3 days need to contact staff immediately. During jail time, players are welcome to backscene or forward scene. They are not permitted to escape or be released or NPC other inmates or staff of the jail. Overall, Fallcoast Staff is asking that players work together to resolve high speed chases. Those officers who are listed on this page are friendly and willing to work with racers to resolve things easily. They are not Keystone Cops, though, and we do ask that racers respect this at all times.

xxxxx'Racebucks' are a piece of equipment that are used exclusively by racers. At NO TIME should anyone except someone who is actively involved with the racing league have any of these for any reason whatsoever (not even cops). They can be used to wager on races, issued as rewards from staff, or purchased with Resources. They cannot ever be used to purchase equipment from other PC's or traded for any reason except for wagers on races, buying upgrades for vehicles, or purchasing new vehicles. In order for your race to qualify for Racebucks as rewards, it must be a clearly posted +event for a minimum of 48 hours before the start of the race, with a minimum of two PC racers. If someone leaves the league, they need to immediately spend all Racebucks or turn them in to staff. Anyone who violates these policies will have their entire +inv zero'd. No exceptions. This is absolutely vital because introducing money into a game can immediately form an economy if not tightly controlled, thus Staff must be insistent to this end. Having said that, Staff will not headhunt people or actively look for this, but if staff see's this it won't end well so we are leaving it up to the players to behave with.

xxxxxIt is VERY important that a player does not add anyone except their own PC to this page because doing-so constitutes tacit agreement to the above policies. The wording is a bit harsh, but necessary. Overall we want people to have fun with this and Staff encourages this whole endeavor. Mostly Staff will be leaving players to organize and run this on their own. If there are any questions or concerns about the above policy, please contact Dropkick (who wrote the Memorandum) or Halcyon.

Police Officer Roster

xxxxxThese are the cops you can page who are friendly and willing to work with racers to have some fun.

  • Mike - Major Crimes Detective who drives a Crown Victoria with 240k miles and a funky smell in the back seat. He's a pretty chill guy ICly, too.
  • Donnachaidh - Patrol, Motorcycle Cop, but until spring or in less than ideal weather he drives an FPD Dodge Charger.
  • Evan - Patrol, Motorcycle Cop. If he's racing it'll be his Dodge Challenger. If he's playing spoilsport, it'll be the FPD Dodge Charger as well until it's better weather.
  • Thorne - Major Crimes Detective, FPD Dodge Charger. Not usually found on the streets, so she might be in a bad mood if she has to deal with people racing (OOCly, super cool about things. But giving the option for a LE PC that might toss you in lockup for a night or two if you want something harsher.)
Justin Long3.jpg
Felix 'Nyx' Maxwell
Therese 'Tess' Keller
Elliot 'Ellie' Jane Macey
Toyah Lund
  • Felix Maxwell $0 0/1
RP Logs

No logs have been posted yet.

Underground Street Racing League

We run illegal street racing of all kinds and bet on the winners.

Members: Felix Maxwell, Tess, Elliot, Toyah, Aimee, Avalon

Contact: Felix Maxwell

Holdings: None yet

Recruiting Status: Yes we are recruiting. Just contact any member to set up a scene to join.