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A star is born
"This girl said, ur lame for not partying on a Saturday. B**ch everyday of my life is Saturday, you think I give a f**k that you have a job?”"
  - Dan Bilzerian

Full Name: Tyler Palucci
Birthdate: 23 July 1993
Apparent Age: 23
Occupation: NFL Draft bust
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

At least I've been there...

xxxxxThe Former college QB star and first round draft pick. Having grown up a spoiled kid in an affluent home, being a star athlete didnt help teach him any limits. That lack of work ethic and proper attitude blew up in his face when he became addicted to the lifestyle of fame and money rather than working hard at what it takes to make it in the NFL. Soon, more famous for his parties and exploits he found himself without a job. The lesson hasn't set in, still partying more than working at anything.

Shakespeare had it right, life is a tragic. I'll make the most of it

  • Football - Former star
  • Women - The faster the better
  • Money - He has it, he burns it
  • Haunted - He's not, but he swears he saw a ghost before
  • Porn tape - Yeah, during the lead up time to the draft, an amateur video of him and a model surfaced online.



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