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About Me

Tucker Wayne was born on September 19, 1980 to Trevor and Cynthia Wayne in Fallcoast. Trevor Wayne served in the Army before becoming a Detective with the Fallcoast Police Department and was the primary inspiration for Tucker joining the Department.

He attended Fallcoast High School, playing quarterback for the football team. He graduated in 1999 and then attended St. John's University, where he graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. After college, he enrolled in the Fallcoast Police academy and was brought on as a patrol officer after graduating.

Serving several years on the force with a respectable record, he put in for detective once there was an opening. Recently, Tucker has been involved in several incidents which has made him aware that more is going on than one might think.

RP Hooks
  • Fallcoast High School - Tucker attended during the years of 1995 and 1999 and played quarterback for the varsity football team. He would have been a known name at the time.
  • St. John's University - During the years of 1999 to 2003, Tucker attended the university taking a variety of courses though his major was in Criminal Justice. Maybe you had a class with him?
  • Fallcoast Police Department - Starting in 2003 as a patrol officer, Tucker has spent his entire adult life serving the people of Fallcoast as a cop. Other cops have probably interacted with him in passing at some point. Are you a criminal or someone who has had a dealing with the police? Maybe Tucker responded to the call.
  • Lieutenant - Tucker has recently been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Detectives are far more likely to have dealings with him given that he is responsible for assigning cases and checking up on how cases are going. Are you a detective and in need of a case? Talk to him.

The Blue Line

  • Brodie - A good cop. He's knowledgable about the crazy shit in town at least and Thorne trusts him, and that's good enough for me. Seems he's on SWAT too.
  • Dash - Dash is a good detective, but sometimes he needs to get focused on the task at hand. Still, when he is focused he's intense and not someone to fuck around with.
  • Donnachaidh - Patrol cop who seems to be enthusiastic about the job.
  • Jenny - She's a handy patrol cop to have around and she seems to hae her shit together. I'm almost curious about her history given that she didn't seem to put out by zombies.
  • Mike - You warned me that there was more to things than it first seemed. I didn't really think much of the time since my mind was more on giant fucking spiders and scorpions, but you were right. It's taking some time but I think I'm starting to come to grips with it all.
  • Thorne - A good cop and I was glad to see her get bumped up to Major Crimes. She'll be a good fit there since I don't see her as the gloryhound type that tends to like to get that promotion.

Stop Right There Criminal Scum

  • Lexi - So you're a Scaccia are you? Well, funny that you feel the need to go around and announce that. Just what's your game?
  • Kilo - Southside Kings. I really thought she was going to do something to Lexi. She kept her cool and I'm pretty glad for that.

Other Folks

  • Lisbeth - There's something about this woman but I can't quite put my finger on it. She wants to contribute to the investigation into the shit that attacked us in a warehouse a few months back... what else has she seen? What else does she know?
  • Lynneth - A private dick who should stick to following around people and taking creepy photos of people fucking each other for divorce cases and leave police work for the actual police.
  • Isabella - A pretty young woman living out in a cabin all by herself and yet she maintains a YouTube channel of some really interesting shit. Who the fuck is she?
  • Nicole - Been a while since High School hasn't it? Damn shame you left earlier the other night. You could've watched the fireworks.


  • Rosalee - Want to get high and go on a joyride? Enjoy that prison sentence.
Det. Lt. Tucker Wayne
Date of Birth: 19 September 1980
Apparent Age: Mid-30s
Occupation: Detective Lieutenant, FPD
Virtue: Loyalty (Faith)
Vice: Lust

Status (FPD): ••
Sworn Officer: •••
Surveillance Photos
Tucker2.jpg Tucker3.jpg Tucker4.jpg Tucker5.jpg
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