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Contacts & Allies
  • Collin: Seems like a cool guy. Might be interested in modeling for me. Money is money after all.
RP Hooks

Trick is open to lots of different styles of RP. Here's just a few hooks that might pull people into a scene with him.

  • Poor: He's on his own without much of a job or job-related skills. This means that he's commonly seen frequenting around Moosetown and Pigeon Hill. He's known to do the occasional odd job here and there to keep him in food and coffee.
  • Bar Boy: Since he can't really afford to pay for a room at the Moonlite Motel, he sometimes works as a Bar Boy for the owner, Patty. She was impressed that he was able to haul up more stock in an hour than her other helpers could in a night.
  • Hustler: It's not something that he's done often but when you're down to you're broke, 20 bucks is 20 bucks or in his case 40 is 40.
  • Student: He's a student at the local University though he doesn't live on campus.
  • Artist: he is what you might call a starving artist. Meaning that he's not being paid for his art but he doesn't let that stop him. He draws what he sees, usually, so he's constantly scribbling away at this or that in one of many sketchbooks he carries with him. (See gear below).
  • Eye for the Strange: He knows that there's some spooky stuff out there. Just doesn't know what it all means.
  • Rigid Ritualist: There’s something about the elements of rituals that fascinates him. He likes drawing out the circles, the sigils, placing the candles and the skulls in just the right place and making sure everything is precise and accurate. This may have come from the spirit that was ‘helping’ him learn.
  • Tomes and Texts: Not everyone can have a library stacked with ancient tomes but not every secret needs to be bound in goat skin. Composition journals and spiral notebooks are more his speed. Most of the occult stuff out in the world is absolute crap worthless but but he’s started collecting those few things that seem to work. His books of rituals look like a gothling took a class in scrap-booking; full of pages torn from books, handwritten scrawl, diagrams in marker, cheap photocopies, etc.
  • Can Talk to Fire: Some wizards can talk to snakes. Others have whole conversations with their familiars and things over afternoon tea. Trick, however, talks to fire. Or rather, he talks to whatever lives within the fire. He’s not quite sure what it is but the first ritual he performed was how to create a ‘sacred flame’. He did and, like the ritual explained, the fire turned blue. Uncertain if it was the odd combination of materials that might have chemically altered the fire he decided to ask it a question, just like the ritual said he could. It answered.
  • Mirror Mirror: Light a candle, look into the flame. See who blinks first. Old little party trick, right? Now set the candle in front of a mirror and repeat. Who blinks first now? Trick learned that if he can hold his concentration long enough, the face opposite to him will change. Eventually that new face will even whisper back. He learned that this is how he can talk to ghosts - giving them the borrowed face in the mirror as a conduit to answer.
  • Scrapyard Sanctum: His dabblings with magic hasn’t gotten him incredible amounts of power but he’s well on his way. Without a house or a place that he could claim as his own, he’s had to make accommodations. He’s created a small altar in an old basement of a forgotten building in a neighborhood that’s been erased from memory. The altar was made from wooden shipping crates, a dirty, red blanket as a cloth, candles and a black-handled knife he uses for some of his ritual work. Everything can fit in a gym bag and he can move the boxes back in place when needed.
  • Hexer: Trick’s concept of magic actually has a light and a dark side. In his mind, magic done to benefit himself or others is ‘light’ and those to harm others is dark. Rather simplistic when you get down to it but he’s gotten really good at the ‘harming others’ side. At first it was just hexing them to send more and more bad luck towards them. Their cars would break down. Their bank account cards would stop working. Power would go out in their apartment and the heat would be accidentally turned off. Not exactly summoning down the fires of hell but was a start.
  • Basement Black Magic: Some Black Magic is the stuff of legends, crippling whole cities or enslaving counties to the demonic hordes summoned by the foul magics. Trick isn’t there yet. His black magic is the stuff that one can summon in their parent’s basement. Cursing people with bad luck didn’t hold him for long. Trick needed more. His sacrifices were strays, his invocations passable and his rituals rudimentary but he was able to get it done. His magic could stretch out to wrap around the targets and cause boils, blisters and burns. Also, he might call up a spirit of suicide or death to send out to plague the target until they killed themselves.
  • Working Class Warlock: His materials are inexpensive, commonly available and generally what’s on-hand. His magic is fairly straightforward, working-class and without many frills. He’s the guy who would spend his evenings pouring over Chinese take out while piecing together how to create a magical effect that he saw in a movie or TV show. He’s usually trying to find some way to get a payday to keep the wolves at the door.
  • Discovered Dangerous Books: Books aren’t generally considered dangerous. However, those books that teach how one could build a bomb should probably be restricted from those angst-ridden teenaged eyes that might want to blow up a school. More importantly, books shouldn’t teach a newly awakened mage how to achieve the same effect without needing the bomb at all.
  • Dragon, Dragon Burning Bright: When Trick woke up, it was like someone lit a match in the freezing corner of a forgotten, darkened room. He finally could see the world for what it was and his place within it. He would hold onto that light, swallowing that fire within him so that he could stay warm and see the path before him.
“Magic is Real. Magic is Power. Power is Addictive. Magic is a Drug. ”

– Unknown

  • Rebel with a Wand: The character is recently graduated from high school where he lettered in solitary confinement and teenage rebellion. This coupled with a lack of adequate social skills he quickly became the whipping boy of the popular kids and the like. He desperately wanted to make friends or to find friends who would not abandon him at the first opportunity to rise out of the shadows by standing upon his shoulders. Middle School taught him not to trust. High School taught him out to hate. And then he woke up. He's not about to let them put him in a corner again.
  • Passive no More: For most of his life, Timmy (though he prefers to use the nickname 'Trick' now) was a passive guy. He wasn't too tall, wasn't too muscled, wasn't great at sports but that was ok for him. He was pushed around a lot by his peers and put in a corner more times than he could count. However, once he woke up to find the fire within him, he's become vastly more confident (possibly even over confident) in his life. He tries not to fall into his old, reclusive habits as best he can and that could mean speaking to strangers, voicing his concerns when he sees them and the like.
  • Anti-Bully: He's not a hero by any stretch of the imagination, but should he see someone being bullied by another it could (quite literally) lite a fire in him. He would have to step in and show the bully a taste of their own medicine. This is not, necessarily, for the person being bullied but rather against the person doing it.
  • Friend-Seeker: Even though he's been burned (heh, get it?) by people more times than he could easily count, he's still leaving himself open to the possibility of friendship. Unfortunately his built-in paranoia doesn't let him trust them completely. He's always waiting for the inevitable betrayal or abandonment.
  • Passionate: Trick is sick of suppressing his urges and desires. He -wants- to feel the fire of passion, of creativity, of music, art, etc. He's become serious about his art and though he may not be the best person to pick up a pencil or a brush, he's not going to let that stop him. He may fill a dozen books with crappy art, weird and disturbing poetry, god-awful lyrics and the like but that doesn't mean he shouldn't keep trying to feed that 'spark' within him.

It all started when Timothy was twelve years old and he was spending a summer break with his grandparents in Ohio. That was the summer that his grandfather bought him a ‘Magic Shop’ boxed gift full of little magic tricks that he could learn to perform for his friends and family. It turned out that his grandfather was an amateur magician back in his youth and had met his wife when he was on a small tour of the area. She even became his assistant for a time but it was just a fun little hobby for the two of them. He loved the looks of shock and surprise on his grandparents faces when he would produce their card or levitate a ball in front of them. He was hooked. The entire summer he practiced and practiced his skills and performed for his grandparents and their friend every weekend. He wanted a cool stage name like his grandpa; Marvin the Marvelous. But “Timmy the Trickster” was a bit too long to say. By the time he went back he had been given a new nickname by his small group of fans; “Trick”.

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Basic Info
Full Name: Patrick "Trick" Timothy Robbins
Birthdate: August 31, 1999
Apparent Age: 18-19
Occupation: Student (occasionally)
Major: History
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Sphere: Mortal
Notable Stats


  • Academics: History
  • Occult: Spirits
  • Subterfuge: Lying


  • Danger Sense
  • Eye for the Strange
  • A Little Knowledge
  • Resources: *****
Character Tropes


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