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Many Lives of...
Small, shy, poor. Got wrecked and paralyzed from the waist down. Searched for a way out.

Nurse. Angel of Mercy. Daeva. 30 days of darkness, then back into Chelsea's shattered body.

Princess. Rival. Enemy. Swapped and left Jordan to die drugged in the bath in Chelsea's body.

Guys are weird, but they have it good. Always check the bank statements first.

Rich. Author. Writing is hard, but spending money is fun.

Mundane. Flighty. So much less responsibility!

Played By: Kether Donohue
Date of Birth: April 1
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Office Manager
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Avarice
Mortality: Not Anymore
Iteration: 6

Tricia Scott

Tricia Scott works for Price Whitney, a small but profitable investment bank. She must also be sort of a bitch, because she's not really returning anyone's texts lately. Maybe it's a new guy? All Tricia's work friends have noticed she's a little off...

And they're not wrong. The Tricia they know is gone. Evicted. Someone else bought that house and they're thinking about redecorating. Thank God for social media! This was a lot harder before we had names and photos and relationships of everyone you know in an easy to index place. Months of posts, photos, chat logs, and text messages really makes the identity theft thing easier. Did Tricia forget her password? Please... just text me the code and I'll reset it. Thanks, technology!

Tricia is a short stack of dynamite in Jimmy Choos. Look, every inch counts when you're 5'3" and everyone is taller than you and thinks just because they are taller that they don't have to listen. That's the kind of thing that brings fire to her pretty, dark brown eyes. So, three inches on that Prada pointy toe pump and a Michael Kors pencil skirt and a flutter sleeve blouse in white cotton. That'll get their attention. And because that's going to be cold as fuck in a Maine winter, a textured wool coat in oatmeal with a big hood for when the snow is really coming down. Make it til you have to fake it, right?

RP Hooks

• Friends: Tricia has ghosted just about everyone lately. You might get lucky and catch her on Facebook or get a short reply out of her on a text. I mean, she's alive...
• Body Thief: Tricia isn't really Tricia... but hey, people change all the time? So what if she's suddenly a vegetarian.
• Bargainer: Tricia is a Bargainer, a member of a very loose organization of Body Thieves who would make just about any bargain to keep living.
• Experienced: Different gender? Different race? Undead? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
• Weird: Quit eating meat, changed from Long Island iced teas to appletinis, and can quote conversations verbatim.
• Working Out: Tricia has started hitting the gym. Nobody ever expected to see her there.
• Drawing: Tricia couldn't draw a stick figure, but now she's doodling all the time.

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