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This is a list of various places that PCs were. Feel free to add locations for your character that you'd like to use as hooks.

To add a character's location, just put the following in the table and fill it in as appropriate.

| Year || City/Country || [[Character]] || Sphere they were associated with ||Any relevant notes

Year Country Character Sphere Notes
1660-1675 Fallcoast, British Colonies Anthony Vampire Growing up
1685 Sea Near Bermuda Anthony Vampire Embraced
1811-1833 Prague, Hungary Athena Vampire Growing up
1853-1915 Bucharest, Romania Jesse Mortal Laborer with a wife and kids, became Purified
1890-1915 Fallcoast, USA William Abernathy Mortal Growing up with the Abernathys
1890-1919 Fallcoast, USA Jewel Mortal Growing up w/the Abernathys
1916-1940 Paris, France Jesse Immortal Working in a bar, traveling Europe
1919-1942 England Kyrie Mortal Taken in 1942
1920-1922 England Jewel Immortal Occult learning/Became Eternal
1915-1921 London, England William Abernathy Vampire Thrall
1921-1945 Germany William Abernathy Vampire Ghoul and Vampire
1922-1940 Fallcoast, USA Jewel Immortal Family raising.
1940-1942 Bucharest, Romania Jesse Immortal Member of the Romanian Resistance
1942-1943 Odessa, Transnistria (now Ukraine) Jesse Immortal Experimented on in a Nazi prison camp
1943-1948 Moscow, USSR (now Russia) Jesse Immortal Brief stopover in Warsaw, fled to USSR
1945-1970 Fallcoast, USA William Abernathy Vampire Ordo Dracul member
1948-1991 Globetrotting Jesse Immortal KGB agent
1951 - 1968 Fallcoast, USA Myles Changeling Growing up as an Abernathy
1955 - 1970 Africa Jewel Immortal Relic/Antique searching
1968 - 1975 California USA Myles Changeling Counter-culture playboy in academic & scientific scenes
1970's Europe Jewel Immortal Relic/Antique searching
1980's England Jewel Immortal Relic/Antique searching
1990's Central/South America Jewel Immortal Relic/Antique searching
1990-2010 Savannah, USA William Abernathy Vampire Vampiring
1991-2003 Los Angeles, USA Jesse Immortal Petty crime, con-artisting
2003-2011 NYC, USA Jesse Immortal Gold digging boytoy
2010-2015 Fallcoast, USA William Abernathy Vampire Vampiring
2010-2016 California, USA Myles Changeling Silicon Valley investor & mentor at a startup incubator
2011-2015 Meridian, USA Jesse Immortal Patient at the East Mississippi State Hospital
2015- Fallcoast, USA Jesse Immortal Totally legit social worker, County Circuit Court
2015- Fallcoast, USA Athena Vampire Opening a gallery
2013-2014 Continental North America Grace Changeling Travelling the Endless Road