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Tori Carlson



Born: 2/14/1999, inland Southern California

Residence: Fallcoast, Maine, in inherited condo

Occupation: Video game developer (independent, mobile)

Major Works:


Puma's Payback GET

Mountain Lion Math $4.99

Big Cat Breakout
GET In-App Purchases

Personality: Fiercely independent. Perfectly content to spend entire days, or on occasion weeks, without speaking to another person. But will go out and blow off some steam at times. Able to be sneaky and get into most anywhere socially. Quiet, but will warm up to people under the right circumstances. Probably a huge disappointment to guys who want or expect any sort of monogamy.

Hobbies: Computers, video games, nature hikes, stalking small game and sometimes large

Car: 1969 Mercury Cougar convertible, golden brown


Mood Music: Under 21 by Save Ferris