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xxxxxTomi is a Psychologist that moved back to Fallcoast after finnishing his studies. He has opened an office in town and hopes that his clientel grows.

RP Hooks
  • Need someone to talk to, got mental health problems, anxieties? Tomi works as a Psychologist
  • Tomi enjoys working in the garden and even has a few Bonsai trees.
  • He is quite the nerd enjoying quite alot of diffrent types of nerd culture. From games, rpgs, movies, animes, fandoms and so on.

Changing Breed

  • Tomi is a Spinner-kin
His Trees

Bonsai1.jpeg Bonsai2.jpeg Bonsai3.jpeg Bonsai4.jpeg


Tomi.jpeg Tomi2.jpeg Tomi3.jpg Tomi4.jpeg

Tomi Smith
Date of Birth: 10.10.1992
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Psychologist
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust


David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

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