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  • 1630: Fallcoast is founded by English and Irish settlers on the run from religious persecution. Fallcoast originally began as a fishing village, and quickly grew into a ship-building center when it became apparent just how many white pines (once called 'King's pines') were growing in the area. As a Puritan outpost, the town was intensely pious and strict. Despite this, the enjoyed peaceful relations with the local Abenaki. This turned out to be a stroke of luck, because the settlers arrived arrived in the middle of autumn. Were it not for the Abenaki and an unseasonably warm winter, the new settlement would have failed.
  • 1640's: Copper Point (which will one day be known as Hanging Hills) comes into its own as a neighbor to Fallcoast. So named because of the large amounts of copper ore in the hills, it quickly grows into a relatively prosperous mining town. As a hard working town, it tends to be less strict and pious than its neighbor. It starts off as only mildly less tight-laced, but over the years becomes more pronounced. That is, until...
  • 1693: Minister Bradford arrives on the shores of Fallcoast. He quickly makes his way to Copper Point, there setting up a ministry that makes the Puritan ideals look absolutely debauched by comparison. He institutes a pogrom against the 'ungodly denizens' of the area. Under his sway, over a hundred people are burned, hanged, tortured and drowned. The three primary targets of his self-righteous ire are witches, pirates and midwives. History records Bradford persecuted the latter of the trio because he believed the pain of birth was meant as repentance for original sin and anything that lessened it was an abomination.
  • 1698: Minister Bradford disappears from the area. Historical record has nothing to say regarding what happened to him. Copper Point gradually returns, abashed, to its old self.

  • 1800s: Copper Point takes the name Hanging Hills as a macabre sort of act of penitence for the deaths of so many innocents so long ago. As a whole, the town has taken pains to at least make a show of remorse. A large memorial is made in the town common for the victims.

  • 1944: The FDR reservoir is formed to serve the water needs of Fallcoast and Hanging Hills. Unfortunately, this requires the displacement of the residents of the four smaller townships nearby. Millhaven Falls and three other (insert names here!) towns were drowned beneath the waters of the newly-dammed Otter river. Following this event, bodies from unexcavated, unmarked graves start to end up washed up on shore of the reservoir. The natural result of this gave the place its new (and much more popular) nickname: Crow's Hollow.
  • 2018-2020 Prosperity and peace reign over Fallcoast. The crime rate has nearly dropped to zero and the median household income has jumped. Although it is steeped in success, something is keeping the good news of Fallcoast under wraps. People do not seem to be moving into the city, only out of it. Sometime around August 2020 an advertisement plays on TVs in select cities across the nation asking people to answer the call to live in beautiful, majestic Fallcoast.