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Tim Fortney

Date of Birth: July 25, 1984
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Veterinarian
Virtue: Mercy
Vice: Ignorance


John Hiatt - My Dog and Me
And there's a rabbit on the run
Man and beast stand, sky and sun
Who's talking to the birds in the trees
Why it's just my dog and me


Tim Fortney works at a small veterinary practice where he has an amazing rapport with animals, particularly dogs. Otherwise he can be found being terribly pleasant.


The Fortneys are originally from Hanging Hills and Tim's parents live there still. They slightly resent that he moved to the "big city" to start his practice, but they're glad that he's close all the same. Since his sister went missing, his parents are more protective than is normal for their adult son. That's another good reason for the added distance. If the Fortney name sounds familiar to you, you're probably thinking of the Fortney Dairy Farm. There is an exceptionally good chance that if you went to school in Fallcoast or Hanging Hills that you visited there for a field trip. Fortney Dairy butter shows up in most of the smaller boutique grocery stores and restaurants that like serving locally sourced foods.

RP Hooks
Psychic: Tim has groovy powers of the mind.
Animal Empathy: Animals have a hard time telling people what's wrong. Usually. Tim can understand an animal's moods and thought processes, though true communication isn't quite possible this way. Basically, it's a lot easier to make friends.
Animal Possession: Do you mind if I hitch a ride?
Animal Rapport: Can I get back to you on Monday?
Veterinarian: Does your pet need a check-up?
Smiles: Smiles are Tim's favourite.
Missing: Tim's sister disappeared a long time ago. It's still a punch right in the feels.
Tambourine: Why do you ask?
Weirdness: Tim invariably finds himself involved in the weird due to his mercy, and struggles with it thanks to his determination not to investigate more.

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