Thorpe Family

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The Thorpe Family

Family History

The Thorpes are a melting pot of an American family; people have married in, married out, and their heritage is not very well-known or super important. The family favors civil service: policemen, firemen, military; local government offices. They also do other things, however, the family is mostly white-hat and seems to focus on lifting people up and doing what they think is right.

Thorpe PCs should bear in mind the family's reputation and history of service when crafting backgrounds, and in RP.

All Thorpe family members receive +1 to Investigation rolls.

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Notable Members
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Fallcoast Status: White Hats

Thorpe Family

All-American family that leans toward civil service and volunteerism.

Associated Sphere: All

Contact: Any

Fallcoast Status: White Hats

Recruiting Status: open

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