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This page is for those characters who work in information dissemination. This can range from traditional media to bloggers to internet gossip sites but it must be an occupation that publicly relays information.

Characters should list their name (alphabetical by surname, name on grid in capitals), type of dissemination, name of outlet (newspaper, channel, site name etc) and a link to where that information can be found - a PCs Talk/Discussion page may be a good place if you do not want to create another page. If multiple PCs work for a large newspaper or other traditional outlet then a page can be created for that outlet and players can contribute to that page. If you do not actually write anything then please note that.

Please remember that any information you relay should be something you have seen or been informed of IC. Wiki pages are considered for OOC entertainment and no information should be used from a wiki unless it is public IC knowledge or with the permission of the player.


ARIADNE Frost, Socialite


GRACE Abernathy, Conspiracy Forums

ISABELLA Butters-Thorpe, TheTruthIsOutThere Youtube/Vine, WeirdShitAndOtherThings.Com (totes anonymous btw)

ARIADNE Frost, Society Blogger

KEIRA McFadyen, Conspiracy blogger, What You Should Know

Professor Chaos Blog

ZOE, Student Blogger

Traditional Media

GRACE Abernathy, Tabloid Writer, The Illuminator; Pirate Radio Host, Starecross Radio

PATRICIA Collins, Channel 31 Segment Producer

MIDNIGHT, St. John's University talk radio DJ

NOELLE Moya, Channel 31 News Investigative Reporter

SIERRA Reston, Former war correspondent, now independent, Wolfe Communications and more

HARVIE Truelove, Tabloid Journalist, The Maine Inquirer

ZOE, Journalism Student, Freelance (Tabloids)

Known Media Outlets

Channel 13 - Local TV station.

Channel 31 - Local TV station (network affiliate). Produces local shows such as 'That Was The Week That Was' and 'The Disco Exorcist'.

The Illuminator - Local tabloid printed somewhere in Hanging Hills.

The Maine Inquirer - Supermarket Tabloid, based in Portland. Known to pay sources and retract articles due to 'fabrications' from 'sources'.

St. John's University Radio - College radio that broadcasts to the twin towns.

Starecross Radio - A local pirate radio station.

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