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Name Ian Marley Foreman
Home Sydney, Australia
Birth August 15th
Age Late 20's
Occupation Professor
Concept Enthusiastic Delver of Secrets
Teth Stats.jpg
Gnosis ••••
Intelligence •••
Wits •••
Stamina ••
Presence •••
Composure •••
Teth Skills.jpg
Academics •••
Investigation •••
Occult •••
Brawl •••
Expression ••
Persuasion ••
Socialise ••
Teth Contacts.jpg
Blaze Colleague. Smart. Dangerous?
Siren Different sort of Druid. Pretty.
Milo Earnest. Spirit touched.
Garnet Terat. Vulnerable. Vibrant.
The david tennant desktop 2 by glasgowgrin12-d5ws9p7.jpg

Teth is tall, about six and a half feet in height, and has an athletic, energetic build. He has about him a kind of constant energy, and even when talking with someone he's prone to looking about him with an intent interest. Teth has a striking if scruffy appearance, with pale skin and unshaven face, a strong nose above which his bright blue eyes spark with mischief, and short brown hair which has been quite carefully tousled and styled, a stark contrast to his clothing which appears somewhat haphazard and messy. He wears a long tan coloured coat, a collared white shirt and a tie that hasn't really been tied as much as looped hastily around his neck. He's wearing dark brown trousers, scuffed black boots, and attached to his belt is a green leather pouch large enough to hold a couple of books and other miscellania. Looped about his neck, and worn over his shirt, is a worn brass piece of an antique pocket watch, tied with leather thong.

Teth's nimbus surrounds him as a sky blue aura, and a sound that is both heartbeat and ticking clock pulses the glow. In this moment, anything seems possible, the infinite wonders of time are only a choice away. With greater, more powerful magics, the world itself seems to slow and step to that ticking heartbeat, and the blue glow suffuses reality itself, as if focusing all of creation on this single moment, on the pregnant possibilities that wait in the next beat of time.

For the olfactoraly enhanced, Teth smells of deodorant and soap and, if the environment is warm, clean sweat. Underneath these is a blend of leather and books and ink, mingled with exotic scents of spices and incense and... berries?

Teth Mid Banner 2.jpg

Story Hooks

Mysterium: Teth is an initiated member of the Mysterium. He's been on his own for a while now, and is interested in gaining more status, more initiation, more responsibilities. Are you a fellow Mystagogue? Do you like them? Hate them? Are you interested in joining them?

Acanthus: Teth is an Acanthus, one touched by Fate and Time. Maybe you just need to get lucky?
...Oi, mind out of the gutter!

Mage: Teth is a Mage. If you're able to find this out, maybe there's something you need him to do? Maybe there's something you can offer him in fair exchange for his services...

Traditionalist: Teth was first educated in the United Kingdom as a Mage and Mysterium, and thus has a traditional view of the Pentacle, the Diamond, and so forth. This may bring him into alignment or conflict.

New in Town: Teth's new in town, and doesn't know his way around. Maybe you're nice, maybe you're just looking to make a new friend.

Professor: Teth is a Professor at St. John's University, where he's known as Professor Teth Adams, and teaches a number of courses in the Occult.

Curious what Teth thinks about the Orders of the Awakened? You can find out here.

Wonder what Teth thinks about the other denizens of the World of Darkness? Then this might interest you.

Published Works


  • (2016.12.31)
New Year's Bonfire
  • (2017.01.13)
Dark Ocean Waves I
  • (2017.01.14)
Mysterium Meetup Series Kickoff
  • (2017.01.19)
The Iceman Cometh: The Stolen Surgeon
  • (2017.01.21)
Consilium Caucus January 2017
  • (2017.01.24)
Cultural Exchange
  • (2017.01.29)
Cultural Exchange II
  • (2017.02.07)
Working Up A Sweat
  • (2017.02.17)
Dark Ocean Waves II
  • (2017.02.19)
Awaken Ye Mighty
  • (2017.03.18)
Kingsport Academy, Day One
  • (2017.04.01)
Kingsport Academy, Day Two

Teth Mid Banner.jpg

These songs should not necessarily be taken literally, but rather the feel of them should be appreciated as emotive of an aspect of Teth

Pink Floyd - Time
Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day; you fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way.

Billy Joel - Sometimes a Fantasy
It's just a fantasy, it's not the real thing; sometimes a fantasy is all you need

Light of Aidan - Lament
The music of Teth's soul and of his beating heart

Alexi Murdoch - Breathe
So don't forget to breathe. Don't forget to breathe. Your whole life is here, no eleventh hour reprieve, so don't forget to breathe.

30 Seconds to Mars - This is War
A warning to the prophet, to the liar, to the honest; This is war

The Four Freshmen - If I Only Had a Brain
I would not be just a nothin' my head all full of stuffin', My heart all full of pain.

Freezepop - Plastic Stars
A song for Ian.

Mumford and Sons - Awake My Soul
"Lend me your eyes I can change what you see; but your soul you must keep, totally free... Awake my soul. Awake my soul."

Johnny Cash - Solitary Man
"I'll be what I am. A solitary man."

Behind the Mask

Teth's player is in Sydney, Australia. Thus he tends to keep odd hours.

Feel free to reach out and get in touch via page or however; I'm always happy to chat about anything and everything.

Shadowname Teth
Awakened 2012
Path Acanthus
Order Mysterium
Faction Bricoleur
Legacy The Ayin Sade
Cabal None
Teth Arcana.jpg
Time •••
Space •••••
Prime •••
Fate ••
Life •••••
Matter ••
Mind •••
Teth Rotes.jpg
Copy Grimoire ••
Postcognition ••
Scry ••
Untouchable ••
Ward ••
Shifting Sands •••
Pocket Realm ••••
Shrink/Expand •••••
Teth Merits.jpg
Cartomancy ••
Meditative Mind
Fighting Style: Boxing
Mystery Initiation •••
Status: Mysterium •••
Status: Consillium
Hallow •••