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“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
- George Orwell


 KellerTrack.png Overview
xxxxxDaughter of a local lobsterman, Tess grew up on her father's trawler after her mother passed away from birth complications. One among a brood of seven, it was difficult for her to find a voice of her own. Under stress from her family, Tess escaped into petty crime and troublemaking as a teenager. Maturing into an adult has only led her to a different sort of amoral living.
 KellerTrack.png Hooks

Biker - It takes a hell of a lot of pain, blood, and effort to become a full-fledged member of an MC as a woman. Despite the hardships she's faced, Tess pulled through and earned her place.

Odd Jobs - She does a lot of odd jobs and rarely seems to hold onto anything for too long despite being a member of the Hanging Hills community. Construction, waiting, fixing cars, and short order cook; she's a jack of many trades.

Hanging Hills - She lives out there, she's a member of the community, and she takes an active part despite her questionable hobbies and company. Maybe you've met or know her?

Inner Beast - When the Kellers arrived from Germany just before World War I, they brought more than just their family--they brought the blood of the beast men of their shores. Though it isn't a common occurrence among her family, Tess was one who inherited that feral heritage. She's one of the Changing Breeds, and has been for over a decade. She's a Heart-Ripper and a Storm Bear.

Avid Hunter - It isn't too common, but a few of the Hills folks have sworn they've seen a bear out in the woods. Not just any bear, but a god-damned big one. Tess tries to keep the civvies from catching a peek at her, but she gives into her blood more often than not and ranges throughout the forest (national park and local) in search for prey. And, on occasion, in protection of her own kind.

Supernatural Phenomena - She's fascinated. She's no Wind-Dancer, but Tess is naturally terribly curious about the world around her. This isn't just a personality quirk, it's in her very blood. She's even come by a few tokens in the past from ill conceived clashes with other beings of an unnatural bent.

Meadow Green - Tess is no Skinner, but that doesn't keep her from owning, and living in, a single-wide trailer in the park.

 KellerTrack.png Gallery

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Profile KellerTrack.png 

Full Name: Therese "Tess" Keller
Apparent-Age: Early Thirties
Occupation: General Labourer
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Pride

Height: 5'10"
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Brown

Breed: Ursara
Species: Storm Bear
Accord: Heart-Ripper
Band: None

Contacts KellerTrack.png 

  • Archie - "A good man. A strong man. A light in the darkness."
  • Amberyne - "Horrifying swarm of cockroaches? Check. Obliterate enemies by choking them to death... from the inside? Fucking check."
  • Lisa - "Cthulu's bride. TERROR FROM THE DEEP, hssssss."

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