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Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility.

– Carl Sagan


Teresa Kay Woods is a recent arrival in town, having come to start on her PhD in Psychology after completing a Master's in Computer Science. Recently she has taken on a role in a newly established charity organization, local to Fall Coast: The Diaspora Uplift Endeavor.

RP Hooks
  • Intellectual Soulmates - Teri is always looking for these. Do you like to discuss ideas and get easily bored with the latest gossip?
  • Against the Social Norm - Ever sat down with the outcast of a group, just because they looked more interesting? Teri does this.
  • The Reaction Was Worth It - Teri will sometimes do unexpected things (throw pancakes at a man in an Armani suit?) just to see what happens.

School Life

  • Teacher's Assistant - Teri is to be a TA at the university, in addition to her post-grad studies, in the Fall.
  • Tutoring - Do you struggle with college-level math? Computer courses? Intro Programming? She might be willing to help.
  • Psychology - Her new major, she can talk about it for hours. Want to learn about theories of growth and development? Argue about personality types? Debate the merits of astrological types as a valid set of human profiles? She's all for it.

Professional Life

  • Technology Director, Diaspora Uplift Endeavor - Always on the look out for technical sorts that might be willing to help establish or upgrade the technological capabilities and security of the charity. Do you have a groundbreaking new way to analyze big data? Experience with information technology or cyber security?
  • Charitable Acts and Community Outreach - Does your character need help, want to help those in need, or want to prey upon these two categories of people? Teri's a budding decision maker in a budding charity backed by a rich, bored movie star.
  • Web Design - She is a freelance web developer on the side, and currently looking for local clients. Does your business need a web page? Need a home page for your dog? This is taking a recent backseat to the above.
  • Uzochi - My best friend in Fall Coast, even though I'm convinced I don't know him half as well as I'd like to. Full of secrets hidden behind a friendly front.
  • Delta - A fascinating case study, also a close friend. Probably needs professional counseling, but that will probably never happen.
  • Damian - A regular debate buddy, hiding lots of secrets very well, but not so well as he thinks he does. He's fun to chat with when he isn't doing his best impression of a brick wall.
  • Old Man Bones - A real life Demi Lich! Prefers to be called 'Lick' but, probably just an accent. Fun guy to pal around with and tease.
Teri Woods
Date of Birth: 06/12/1989
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Grad Student
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride

Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: The Reality Makers
Cabal: None

The Bliss Jockeys - Brighter Than Today

But courage, hope and reason burn
in every mind, each lesson learned
drive the darkness far away
make tomorrow brighter than today

Alex Federici - God Wrote the World

Or study cells, or living things,
seek truth with open hand.
The profoundest act of worship
is to try to understand.
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