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“Then stirs the feeling infinite, so felt In solitude, where we are least alone.”
- Lord Byron

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 Witchery hat.png Overview
xxxxxLike many Changelings, Tabitha's past is a mystery. She knows few things of herself, of the reality of herself rather than the fiction crafted countless times by a Keeper whose only desire was the unfolding of a well told story. Fallcoast is the place of her birth, and she has glimpses at times, tiny insights, into her life there. It was before the modern era, at least by several decades, under the glitz and glamour of glass and metal, shortened skirts, and daring music. It was a different time. Since her escape, Tabitha has accomplished much in the relatively "short" time of her freedom, but discovering who she is hasn't been one of them. This is the central struggle of her life, a quest to end the perpetual existential confusion of who am I?
 Witchery hat.png Hooks

Fallcoast Born & Raised - Memory and familiarity have brought her 'home', but home isn't home when you don't remember the finer details. Tabitha is always searching for a place that feels like she's been there before, for faces she might have known, or names. But these are times past--or are they? Not all in Fallcoast are young, and maybe a few might even remember something...

Snake Oil Salesman - She makes a pretty enough penny peddling charms, advice, and small-piece information about the occult. All sorts of occult, all down to folk tales and local hedgewitchery. Whether she believes what she offers is debatable. If you're not in the know, Tabitha is probably just some money grubber taking advantage of folk down on their luck.

In the Realm Arcadia - Snatched from the mortal plane to be the plaything in stories that are timeless, stories of grand theatrics of romance, of daring, of courage and bravado. But that wasn't her part to play, and never was. In her own way, Tabitha believes it never will be. Regardless, she returned changed forever, a Changeling out of time and place with the world.

Wicked Witch - Not everyone gets to play the hero, no matter the brightness of their spirit or the purity of their desires. Cast time and time again as villain, how long before the mind accepts the story as reality? Or does it become reality when one has lived a life of wickedness for time beyond counting? A terrible witch-queen, once upon a time, of fire and shadow, Tabitha has lost much of the potent magic and power that made her a force to be reckoned with. Outside of her Keeper's realm, she is still a sorceress, one whose changing is easily seen by those like herself. So marked is she by the role forced upon her by her Keeper that even now, escaped from Arcadia, there is something off about her very presence. She seems untrustworthy and suspicious.

Forever Autumn - She never quite could relinquish that magical prowess imbued in her. Despite her misery and torment, that power was the one thing that gave her any sense of purpose and validation, a touchstone to bolster her confidence. It's no surprise to anyone who comes to know her that Tabitha is still fixated on magic, greedily eager to learn of the arcane, to siphon off whatever secrets there could be in anything and anywhere for her own. What she plans to do with it, who knows...

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Profile Witchery hat.png 

Full Name: Tabitha Blackmoore
Apparent-Age:  ???
Occupation: Occult Grifter
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Wrath

Height: 5'10"
Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown

Template: Changeling
Seeming: Fairest (Enchanter/Fireheart)
Court: Autumn (**)
Entitlement: Epochs of the Balefire (Master Warlock)

Contacts Witchery hat.png 

  • Landon - "There are few things in this world both as noxious and reassuring as the idea of Prince Charming. Both terrible and necessary in turn. You've shaken little of the mask. Is it even a mask anymore?"

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