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Starry Brisco

"Ask yourself: is it really enough?"
..the answer is probably not.
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties?
Date of Birth: August 21st
Occupation: People..person?
Seeming & Kith Darkling Leechfinger & Flowering

  • Was There: Starry doesn't talk much about her Durance; she doesn't remember much about it either. It was dark and -- wait, who the fuck cares? That doesn't matter anymore. What matters is now.
  • Spring: Spring isn't sunshine and rainbows all of the time. It's selfish and gritty and never stops wanting. It's addiction and excess and gluttony. One surely gets a glimpse of this when they take a look at Starry, and she could not care less.
  • Maneater: Those are drosera, or sundew, flowers in her hair. They're quit hungry, and look at those fingertips.


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