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This could probably be prettier, but here are the spheres and whether or not they're hiring at the moment. This may be slightly out of date but if you are interested in staffing, please put in a +request to the attention of the sphere in which you are interested!


  • Currently hiring:
Admins. Build has no TL & Admins report to Troy

Changeling: The Lost

  • Currently hiring:
  • Not currently hiring.

The Changing Breeds

  • Currently hiring:
  • Storytellers

Code/General (Relics, Equipment)

  • Currently hiring:
  • Not hiring


  • Currently hiring:
  • Not currently hiring (yay!)

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

  • Currently hiring:
  • Admin (1)
  • Non-EST would be awesome.
  • Preferably knowledgeable regarding Mementos & the Underworld
  • Storyteller (1+)
  • Definitely knowledgeable regarding the Underworld

Hunter: The Vigil

  • Currently hiring:
  • Admin (1)
  • Storyteller (1+): Looking for a full time ST, possibly two. No XP spends or chargen work! Just work with the TL to organize story and fun for the Hunter sphere. Preference is for a non-Hunter player for the role, mostly so that it wouldn't be something that would spoil you for fun. List of ideals to match:
  • Story should be a challenge for the characters yet remain fun for the players.
  • Moral dilemma is a must for good story, particularly for those who keep the Vigil.
  • Keeping the Vigil isn't just about killing, not even primarily about killing.
  • Must remember Scooby Doo (the original not that horrible abortion that airs currently).
  • A sense of humor is a requirement, not just a suggestion.
  • Sanity is not required, but the ability to be personable, friendly, and a teamplayer is.


  • Currently hiring:
  • Not currently hiring.

Law / Crime

  • Currently hiring:
  • Storyteller / Plot Admin
  • Not required to process any tickets, No XP Spends or chargen work.
  • Work with the TL to develop and implement Plot and Metaplot that is fun for the Law and Crime sphere.
  • Work with the Tiers to coordinate stories that fit into the current setting and plots.
  • Preference would be for a non Law/Crime player to fill this role.
  • Creativity in creating complex crime scenes, and a crazy imagination would be helpful.
  • If you are interested, please open a +job Attn: Arcadia

Mage: The Awakening

  • Currently hiring:
  • Admin (1): General task areas that need doing are:
  • Applications and respecs.
  • Magic mechanics questions and character actions.
  • Handling creative thaumaturgy.
  • Keeping track of hallows, demenses, and mana economy.
  • Handling item creation.
  • Handling grid notes for things like Ban spells.
  • And handling the many stories we have going on!

We do ask that you not have an active mage character, because the sphere is so interlaced that it's difficult to compartmentalize what one PC does without running into your own plots and so on. CoI city.

If you're interested in helping out with any or all of the above and you think you know some of the rules decently well, send us a +request.


  • Currently hiring:
  • Not Hiring


  • Currently hiring:
  • not hiring


  • Currently hiring:
  • Admin (1): General task areas that need doing are:
  • Applications
  • Possession mechanics questions and character actions.
  • Verifying consistency in +notes
  • And handling the many stories we have going on!
  • Storyteller (1): Coordinate Possessed/Cult plot:
  • Work with sphere tiers to drive plot
  • Monitor and maintain meta plot in the sphere
  • Track changes in the Demonic Hierarchy

Vampire: The Requiem

  • Currently hiring:
  • Admin (+)
  • To process apps, status inquiries and XP spends.
  • Storyteller (+)
  • To run Vampire metaplot and Vampire NPCs.

Werewolf: The Forsaken

  • Currently hiring:
  • Admins (0):
  • None needed currently.
  • Storyteller (1+)
  • Knowledge of Werewolf: The Forsaken and it's accompanying supplements.
  • Knowledge of Spirits, Spirit mechanics, and the Hisil.
  • The ability to run scenes in the Hisil.