St John's University Intern Clinic

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Saint John's University Intern Clinic

“You know what they call the fellow who finishes last in his medical school graduating class? They call him 'Doctor.'”

– Abe Lemons



xxxxxLocated on the St. John's University campus, the clinic is where most medical students do their internship - as well as later studies. It is open to the public as a free clinic though any serious cases are dispatched to St. John's Hospital.

xxxxxSt. John's University Intern Clinic is staffed mostly by students under the supervision of professors and qualified doctors. It is a free clinic though it is not meant for serious or long-term conditions.

xxxxxPC Employment: PCs can be employed at St. John's University Intern Clinic in a number of capacities, from janitorial to supervising staff. If you wish to be employed here then send in a +req/city detailing what position you would like and the qualifications you have for it. Intern medical students are expected to be working here and on call. Business and Admin students can also do their practical studies here.

If employed in any capacity at the hospital then add the Intern Category to your wiki page to appear on the list below:

St. John's University Intern Clinic Characters




St. John's University Intern Clinic
Established: 1989
Location: St. John's University
Owner: NPC
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