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Sophia Laurent

"Everything and nothing always haunts me."
Sky Ferreira
Apparent Age: Legal to drink, but barely.
Date of Birth: Sometime in the mid 90s.
Occupation: College Student by day...
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy
Compact Maiden's Blood Sisterhood
Cell The Scoobies

  • Hunter: Sophia is a dedicated member of the Vigil, through the...
  • Maiden's Blood Sisterhood: The Sisterhood has embraced Sophia. She is an Amazon.
  • College: Sophia's a junior in college, hoping to graduate next spring with a degree in Business Administration.
  • Night Life: Sophia likes to patrol clubs that have a high college-age presence.
  • University Radio: Sophia has an early morning slot on the radio once a week, from 5-7 am on Friday mornings. Yes, she willingly gets up that early.



  • Amanda - Housemate, cellmate, friend, understands.
  • Aurore - Cellmate, friend, all-around awesome.
  • Mira - Lover, cellmate, friend.


  • Magda - Adorable. Hurt her and I hurt you.
  • Sadie - omgbestsistarEVAR.


  • Aislinn - And now you're gone, too.
  • Anya - Reserved, beautiful doctor. I don't know what happened to you, but I'll make sure someone pays.
  • Bowie - Too cute. too cute. Please be careful, Tiny.... wherever you are.
  • Eugene - The Prof. A good man. I'm glad he drew me into this crazy world, even if it's given me the worst nightmares of my life. I miss you.