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“Cause I want somebody to shove; I need somebody to shove; I want somebody to shove me”

– Soul Asylum


xxxxxAfter arriving to the area in early August this former New Yorker is trying to adjust to life in a smaller city and to plant the seeds of the fresh start he is seeking.

RP Hooks Mortals
  • Poor - Sloan does not have much cash and he almost always looking to earn more. Mostly he makes his money with physical labor.
  • Working Out/ Martial Art - Sloan likes to stay in top shape so he spends a lot of time at the gym. He has also recently started taking Judo lessons so is looking for training / sparing partners.
  • Stargazing - Sloan has a tendency to head out to the country areas just outside of town at night to watch the skies. The spends some day light hours in nature as well but tends to be out there more at night.


  • Summer Court - As a member of the Summer Court Sloan is somewhat driven by wrath both is own temper and his tendency to anger others.
  • Sentinel Rock - Sloan is a member of the freehold and willing to do his part to help out when the community needs it.
  • Motley - Currently Sloan is not a member of one but would like to be. Does your group need an Ogre to help round out the party if so look me up.
A Short History

xxxxx Sloan lived a fairly normal life til the night he followed a Will-o-wisp into the Hedge. That would also be the last night he saw the stars for quite some time. He ended up working in the mines for an keeper known as The Smith. He does not remember much about this time except that he kept growing stronger and that it was always dark. Finally the opportunity to escape presented itself and he took returning to Earth.

xxxxx Upon his return Sloan settled in the Brighton Beach area of New York, since he spoke Russian he was able to find a place among the immigrant community there. He got a job as a bouncer as a club that was owned by the Russian mob and settled into a comfortable routine. This routine was shattered by a dispute between his employer and another member of the mob. His employer lost but unlike many of his fellow underlings he never switched sides in the conflict which is why he had to leave New York. He choose Fallcoast because he thought it was a good place to start anew and that it would be unlikely that he folks from new York that are holding a grudge would find him there.


Sloan2.jpg Sloan3.jpg Sloan4.jpg

Sloan Hendrix
Date of Birth: 24 Jun 1989
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Bouncer
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Troll
Court: Summer
Motley: None yet
Entitlement: None
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