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Hoping, Waiting, Wishing
"One cannot answer for his courage when he has never been in danger."
  - François de La Rochefoucauld

Full Name: Skylar Marie Skinner
Birthdate: August 04 1996
Apparent Age: 21
Occupation: Unemployed
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Bloodbrute
Court: Dawn
Motley: None :(
Family: Skinner

She's overachieving, chasing her dreams

xxxxxOnce upon a time there was a little girl born into a very special court. It was not a court of nobility, but rather one of mobile homes and white trash. This little girl, named Skylar by her parents, would dream of the other court, even when she had to go to the kind of court presided over by stern men and women in black robes. Skylar, you see, was born into the family known as Skinner, a family fate had decreed would be one of low class. They had other things going for them though; they were tight knit, loving in their own way, and looked after one another. But for some reason, Skylar wanted more. Skylar was embarrassed by the lot in life she had.

xxxxxSkylar Skinner, that girl that was too smart for her kin, too uppity to ever be comfortable in the trailer park, and cursed with the name Skinner so as to never be quite accepted in the places she wanted to go. She tried well to hide it, playing the vapid cheerleader at times while really just waiting until she could go to the computer lab and get some personal tutoring. It paid off! She started attending St. John's on a partial scholarship, heading towards a Computer Science degree.

xxxxxBut some things are too good to be true. Her scholarship was through a vampire that wanted her as a ghoul. And even when she got out of that entanglement? She was kidnapped by one of the Gentry. Skylar, you see, is the Girl with Three Lives. And none of them are destined to be good. Free from the Stone Ram, she started her third life in Portland, where she escaped and spent a month among the local Lost. Now she's back home, trying to figure out where she fits in again.

xxxxxAfter a stint playing at being a camgirl and trying to fit in with the rest of the Skinners, Skylar has finally taken her saved up money and investments and moved to her own place. There are plenty who would ask how a Skinner affords to live in a penthouse at a luxury apartment building, and most would whisper it has to be prostitution, but Skylar isn't saying.

Changeling the lost.pngCourt dawn.pngSeeming ogre.pngTrailerLogo.png

When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

  • Skinner! Are we related?
  • Meadow Green Trailer Park! She grew up there, but moved away. Some would say she's too big for her britches.
  • Fencing! A recent hobby. She's pretty good at it.
  • Changeling! Wanna meet a Bloodbrute/Shadowsoul?
  • Dawn! She's a member of the Court of Hope. Awesome!
  • Workouts! She has a lot of free time and often spends it at the gym working out.

Buddy Stuart - Ninety Nine Pounds Of Dynamite
My baby is a good to me,
A real package of TNT.
When she squeezes with all her might
She's like 99 pounds of dynamite.



Cissy - Role Model

Missy - Favorite cousin.

Friday - Favorite Cousin and Roommate.


Violet - Nursing friend!


Clarice - Workout friend.

Doug - Art dealing neighbor.

Xander - Instagram Buddy.

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