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The Skinner Family

Family History

The Skinner family has been around forever, pretty much, say Hanging Hills locals, and never have been worth much of anything. Never had money, never had fame, although there's been infamy, to be sure, at least of the local flavor. They've had one or two prom queens emerge over the years; a couple of quarterbacks or wrestling champs that rose to popularity in high school and then faded upon graduation into the same blue-collar obscurity that has dogged the family as a whole for as long as anyone can remember. Most of the Skinner extended clan can be found in one of two trailer parks on the outskirts of Hanging Hills, heading out to Crow Hollow.

Skinner PCs should include the family's history in their background, and should incorporate that ne'er-do-well poverty in roleplay, whether it's in an effort to escape it, or embracing it in all its trailer-trashy glory.

All Skinner family members receive +1 to Streetwise rolls.

Skinner Family Tree
Recruiting Status
Like everything else, open to all! We're a mix that's heavy in Changelings thus far. Join channel Skinner if curious!
Family Holdings
  • Meadow Green Trailer Park Out in E02 is not exactly a holding, but where a lot of Skinners live and hangout.
  • Skinner's Imports Cars and Choppers in E01 is Don Skinner's shop. He's recently redone the compound and tends to open the front of the shop at night for family to hang out at.
  • The Old Skinner Mansion at E02 is a old building that was built in the 1800's as Celeste Skinner's bridal home. The place had passed down through the generations until the early 1980s when a pair of Skinners sold all three of their young children to unknown personages for a large sum. This allowed them to create a spa out of the house but it, like many Skinner projects, went out of business and into ruin. The Skinners found out that the couple had sold the children and were dealt Skinner family justice.
    However rumors circulate through the family constantly that while they still own this place no one's to go there. It's haunted they say; by Celeste and her husband. By the children who had been sold and no one ever saw again. Children dare each other to go in, but any stories to come out are always terror-filled and it's not hard to see why. (OOC: This holding is the Motley House of The Horde.)

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    Skinner Family

    Hanging Hills ne'er-do-wells, in complete trailer trash glory; some blue collar, some criminal, some both!

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