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Who am I?

Full Name: Simone Ives
Birthdate: November 10th
Apparent Age: 30s? Hard to say
Occupation: Bookshop Owner
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Lurker/Antiquarian/Author
Keeper: Shadow of Whispers
Court: Winter
Freehold: Sentinel Rock

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Did I say that?

Simone on Modern Society:

"I have no idea what a selfie is but I overhear girls talking about it all the time. And duck face? What is that? Have Beasts been revealing their miens to mortals so regularly that this has become a common thing now?"

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What have I done?

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  • (2016.03.18)
Fall of the House of Autumn

When I met those Abernathys:


Where have I been?

I don't know where I came from. I have no idea where I've been. All I can do is look ahead and plow forward; maybe by doing so, I can pick up the threads of my former life and find a way..

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What do I do?

  • Amnesia
    Simone's memories only go back as far as the spring of 2015. She woke up in a hospital with no idea who she was, where she came from or how she ended up battered and unconscious in a ditch outside of LA. Police appealed to the public but no one came forward; they suspect that she was the victim of domestic abuse given the nature of her injuries. Once she was well-enough, she left hospital and headed east -- she doesn't know why but she thinks there are answers there.

  • Anachronistic
    Perhaps it is simply a side-effect of her amnesia but Simone is completely lost when it comes to modern things -- cell phones, social media, what the hell a 'selfie' is. She tries to blend in but sometimes she cannot help but stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Anti-Potty Mouth
    Hell's Bells! You won't hear Simone swear any worse than that. She is not a fan of vulgarity.

  • Changeling
    Yup. She is Lost, Darkling specifically. A member of the Winter court, she does like her secrets and has plenty of her own sorrow but, oddly enough, she likes to make others happy.

  • Codex Obscura
    Simone works at an odd little bookstore -- she is the owner and sole employee. Every month is a struggle to stay afloat but she scrapes by somehow. One will not find the latest bestsellers there but if you are looking for something lost, forgotten or just plain weird, come on by. She can probably help you out.

  • Hideous Fashion Sense
    She's an attractive woman but you'd hardly know it from the utterly hideous clothes she wears. Shapeless. Ugly. Mismatched. She tends to shop the $5 rack at Goodwill and doesn't seem to have any idea of how to dress herself in a way that could be considered at all fashionable. The 70s called and even that decade thinks Simone looks awful.

  • Information Sponge
    She is always pouring through books, news clippings, magazines .. anything. Simone does this partly in an attempt to get up to speed with the world she lives in -- but she also does this in the hopes of recognizing something or someone that could lead her to her past. It's funny: she cannot remember anything about herself but she is practically an encyclopedia when it comes to useless (and sometimes not so useless) bits of information.

  • Library of Lost and Forgotten Books
    In addition to her shop, she has a Hollow. It's a rather unique place -- as locations in the Hedge usually are. When a book is lost or forgotten, it shows up here. It's disorganized and wild; research is an adventure. However, with enough time and effort, just about any bit of information could be found here for those bold enough to go looking. (Merit: Hollow Archive - Myths and Legends)

  • Thief?
    There are rumors to this effect but she doesn't come across as thief-like at all. I mean, she's a book nerd! Still, there are whispers and it's not like thieves walk around advertising their services. And it must be said that it is rather convenient how someone with such limited means always has such odd artifacts and rare books.

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Do I know you?

  • Cerise
    You are welcome in the library any time.
  • Elmo
    I look forward to stealing the bead again someday.
    OOC: Many thanks to Elmo's player for Simone's mien image!! <3
  • Jaci
    Sure, I like fish.
  • Lyd
    Fellow Winter, we work well together.
  • Nemo
    So much glitter in such a tiny package.
  • Red
    None of us are sane, are we?
  • Tock
    From another time and another place.
  • Zudoku
    I asked if you are alri- .. I ASKED IF YOU ARE ALRIGHT.

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