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Full Name: Sheldon Bixby
Birthdate: May 5, 1951
Apparent Age: Mid 30s
Occupation: Gym Teacher
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Coldscale/Stonebones
Keeper: Two If By Sea
Court: Summer

  • (2015.07.26)
Summer Meeting - July 2
  • (2015.09.22)
Apples for the Autumn Crown
  • (2016.03.26)
Spring Crowning
  • (2016.06.25)
Gym Socks and Summer Crowns
  • (2016.07.12)
Aldermember Meeting - July 2016
  • (2016.09.18)
Aldermember Meeting - September 2016
  • Mien
    To Changeling eyes, the football coach has pebble-like reptilian skin. He's not overly tall, but is broad and powerful. He's a fairly renowned pugilist, slowly plodding forward and lashing out with his thick armored fists.

  • Summer Monarch
    Sheldon is the defacto Summer Monarch, splitting his time between this and teaching high school kids the value of Physical Education. He is stepping up afterthe Summer Queen has stepped down.
  • Motivator
  • Football
    Sheldon loves football. A lot.