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“But I am dead certain--ba-dump-bump-ching--that I'm the first guy to lead an army of spirits in an assault from the spirit-world side...and had them start off screaming, "BOO!”
– Jim Butcher, Ghost Story

xxxxxBorn and raised locally, most of his youth was spent in the care of the system in one form or another until he was old enough to live on his own. Moving from group home to group home between stints in juvenile detention led to a childhood most other children wouldn't envy. Once he graduated high school and was able to leave the group homes he left town and traveled west across the US until he landed in California. Traveling the large state and surviving on his skills as a thief he finally settled in Los Angeles where he hooked up with a criminal crew.
xxxxxThey were successful in a number of heists until finally they were caught and Seth was charged with murder and thrown in jail. Inside he was jumped and ultimately killed only to be saved by The Clipper (his Geist) and the bargain it offered. Found to be not guilty of the murder after further evidence was presented in a case against another member of the crew he was ultimately acquitted and charged with other lesser crimes. Released with time served he made his way back to where he was born for a new start.

RP Hooks
  • Sin-Eater:
    Place Holder
  • Crime:
    Place Holder
  • Local:
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The Clipper
xxxxxNot much is known about the Geist that has taken on the moniker of The Clipper other than sometime in the late dark ages of Europe an assassin that was known as The Clipper raised in fame and infamy. The stories took on near mythical proportions in some circles as it was said he was a demon or sorceror as the feats he accomplished were impossible for any normal man. To solidify this image of being more than a man, The Clipper created a network of spy's and assassins that all attributed their work to The Clipper. It was that same network that turned on him and assassinated the master assassin.
xxxxxThe Clipper appears as a tall, slender and weirdly stretched out man that has arms that are to long for his body. Its human in its basic overall shape with hands that end in long, razor sharp claws. In its entirety its form seems to be made of dark and shadowy plasm caked with dried blood. Its face is indistinct and over its head a floats a crown of bright red blood that flows and moves to keep the crown like shape.

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Seth Corvo
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Date of Birth: 9/7/1985
Apparent Age: Early Thirties
Occupation: Assassin / Thief
Virtue: Courage
Vice: Impetuousness
Sphere: Geist
Threshold: Torn
Archetype: Reaper
Geist: The Clipper
Krewe: Seeking
  • Molly: New local contact.
  • Nicole: Great to cross paths again.
  • Sabo: Obi Wan, the wise one.

Rebelution - So High

Who's got the chronic that I like?
Right between the lows and the highs
Yes I'm feeling alright
I'm feeling so alive
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