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Changeling: People of Sentinel Rock


Current Seconds

  • Spring: None (Open to PCs!)
  • Summer: None (Open to PCs!)
  • Autumn: None (Open to PCs!)
  • Winter: None (Open to PCs!)

Current Aldermembers

  • Spring: none (open to PCs)
  • Summer: none (open to PCs)
  • Autumn: none (open to PCs)
  • Winter: none (open to PCs)
  • Dawn: none (open to PCs)
  • Dusk: none (open to PCs)
  • Solstice: none (open to PCs)
  • Equinox: none (open to PCs)

Freehold Positions

It should be noted that while these positions are decided upon by the court, they are separate from the court positions found on the court pages.

  • Counselor: None (Open to PCs!)
  • Defender: Tock
  • Horticulturalist: Dottie
  • Ritualist: None (Open to PCs!)
  • Social Coordinator: None (Open to PCs!)
  • Executioner: none (open to PCs)
  • Gaoler: none (open to PCs)
  • Grave-Tender: none (open to PCs)
  • Hedge-Farmer: none (open to PCs)
  • Hedge-Guide: none (open to PCs)
  • Historian: none (open to PCs)
  • Provisioner: none (open to PCs)
  • Seer: none (open to PCs)
  • Sorcerer: none (open to PCs)
  • Vizier: none (open to PCs)

Court Positions

Court positions other than Aldermembers will be determined by the Courts themselves. If you would like a position, please, talk to your fellow courtiers. If the position has multiple openings like Autumn's Briar Rangers or Winter's Sun banishers and your character fits with the theme, go for it. If it is a position that there can only be one of, discuss it amongst yourselves, declare intentions on your courts bboards. If there is a position that more than one person want, then we can get the NPC crowns involved.


xxxxxInformation about various freehold-internal organizations goes here.




Not so much a formal organization as a constantly-evolving list of volunteers, an active list of those with healing abilities -- be they through mundane medical training, specialized Entitlement, or Contract -- is kept as up to date as possible. The list is maintained in both the New Redoubt's Infirmary and the new Medical Clinic so that those in need of mending can reach out and find someone in their time of need. If you are a character who would volunteer for such duty, please add yourself to the following list with a note about your particular talents.

  • Brenda - Contracts, Faerie Healing, Goblin Fruit, EMT, Search & Rescue.
  • Dina - Hedge Fruit
  • Dottie - Contracts, Hedge Fruit, basic first aid.
  • Equinox
  • Tock - Contracts, Medical Training, Biomedical Engineering Student, Combat Medicine, Trauma Specialist, Faerie Healing, Goblin Fruit, The Knighthood of Ophois

IC Resources

A list of changelings that have access to various things the Lost might need.

Current Membership

Here is where a big list of current freehold members goes. Kith and/or entitlement information could go here.


  • Alireza, Larcenist ~ Phantom Tong
  • Arkady, Hunterheart/Chirurgeon ~ Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches
  • Bethany Boucher, Minstrel/Dancer
  • Big Mac, Troll
  • Brenda, Stonebones/Hard Shell ~ Knighthood of Ophois
  • Clarabelle, Broadback ~ Bishopric of Blackbirds
  • Diego, Troll/Artist
  • Dorothy, True Friend/Chimera ~ Order of the Hallowed Garden
  • Dottie, Gristlegrinder/Oni
  • Equinox, Artist/Hunterheart
  • Eri, Succubus/Mirrorskin ~ Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage
  • Jaci, Windwing/Roteater
  • Prescott, Pamarindo
  • Reiz, Chimera/Chirurgeon
  • Ting, Waterborn
  • Tock, Manikin/Artist/Riddleseeker ~ Knighthood of Ophois
  • Vesna, Dancer/Succubus
  • Vox, Gandharva/Antiquarian ~ Guild of the Sacred Journey
  • Wendell, Gristlegrinder/Cyclopean/Gargantuan
  • Wyck Whitehair


  • Aurelia, Bright One/Artist
  • Jericho, Metalflesh/Bright One ~ Legion of the Iron Wall
  • Nemo, Wizened Inventor/Levinquick/Windwing ~ The Honourable Order of the Third Hour


  • Elmo Abernathy, Woodblood/Skogsra
  • Isrieal, Bogeyman/Snowskin ~ The Scarecrow Ministry
  • Melody, Lurker/Riddleseeker/Author ~ Order of Oneirophysicians
  • Myles, Oracle/Inventor ~ College of Worms


  • Aaron, Hushwight/Snowskin/Whisperwisp ~ Speakers for the Dead
  • Cecily, Runnerswift
  • Dina, Snowskin/Leechfinger
  • Leander, Whisperwisp/Airtouched/Lurkglider ~ Knighthood of Utmost Silence
  • Lex, Whisperwisp/Artist/Leechfinger ~ The Pilgrims of the Endless Road
  • Rook, Soldier/Airtouched ~ Squires of the Broken Bough
  • Stihl, Larcenist ~ Duchy of the Icebound Heart

Dawn and Dusk

  • Louise - Dawn - Weisse Frau/Manikin
  • Wish - Dusk - Beast/Flamesiren