Sebastian Jäger

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“I prefer my villains to be evil and stay that way. Frankenstein's monster ruined everything by handing that peasant girl a flower. You couldn't look at him the same way again.”

― David Sedaris

RP Hooks


  • Consulting - Considered in some circles a semi-expert on German and European Folklore. Quite a few in the field consider his fascination with the grim and ghastly a bit off-putting, yet one can't deny he knows his stuff.
  • Ithaca, New York - Since 2007, this has been Sebastian's home, where he apparently did some work with the Librarians and English professors of Cornell University.
  • European - Born to Germany, Sebastian spent the early twenty-first century traveling through Germany and was traveling between various patches of Italy and Sicily from 2005-2007. Perhaps you've met?
  • Catholic - A lifelong and staunch Catholic, Sebastian prays before each meal, reads his bible each morning, and attends mass and confessions as prescribed.


  • Consulting - Sebastian has built a name for himself as one who can identify what it is that goes bump in the night. Respecting the benefits of keeping the Supernatural World hidden, he'll share only enough information about his findings as a client can handle.
  • Monster Hunter - With or without pay, Sebastian hunts violent and dangerous monsters where he finds them.
  • Friend of the Otherworld - It's with hard and dark lessons that Sebastian has had to learn that a monstrous appearance has nothing to do with a vile intent. He's amicable to any entity that isn't evil, by his definition.
Sebastian Jäger
Home: Witchglow Glade
Played By: The Storyteller
Appears As: Sebastian

The Wolven Storm

Am Morgen, fliehst du aus meinen Träumen.
Bitt're Stachelbeere, süßer Flieder.
Im Traum, seh' ich rabenschwarze Locken
Deine Veilchenaugen von Tränen nass.

Reich mir die Hand

Die Vernunft und dein Verstand sie schwinden,
Du siehst du Welt nur noch in dunklen Farben.
Für dich hat jetzt und hier die Jagd begonnen,
Das Blut des Schicksals klebt an deinen Händen.

Diese Kalte Nacht

Öffne mir, lass mich hinein,
Dein Liebster steht im Mondenschein.
Diese Nacht ist so kalt,
So öffne mir denn morgen wird's zu spät sein.
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