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“As a kid, a little kid, I loved going to the movies, and now I love making movies.”

Date of Birth:
December 19th, 1999
SJU Student
Apparent Age:
Late Teens
Scout Thorpe
  • Thorpe - Scout is one of the Thorpes! Her dad was a local cop, and a very, very good man. Who took a lot of shit from some of the more conservative cops because of Scout, but he spent a lot of his free time fighting for LGBT and Transgender rights and similar, until he died. He was killed in the line of duty at a random speeding ticket stop in 2015. The killer, a drugged-up teen, was caught. She has a few siblings, and many cousins, including a twin sister! (She is appable!)
  • Local - Scout has been in Fallcoast for pretty much her entire life, except for the last three years. She could have gone to school with you, or dated you, or been friends with you, or frequented your cafe, or whatever. There are tons of hooks open for this!
  • The Last Three Years... - After her father died she was sent to live with her uncle in San Diego. He helped her cope with the death, and supported her...and taught her magick.
  • Thaumaturge - Scout needed something to hold onto after her father died, so her uncle taught her magick. Specifically, he inducted her into the ways of ceremonial magick. She has taken to it well, and loves learning more and doing more through it. She is now far from her mentor, but is always looking for more.
  • Movies - She LOVES movies. Loves them. She can often be found perusing hipsterish movie stories, or at the drive-in, or at the theater, or whatever. She has seen many movies, both mainstream and obscure. She loves all genres, and has a pretty insane collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays (And VHS...).
  • School - Speaking of movies, Scout is a Freshman at the local University, going for a degree in Film Studies. She wants to write and/or direct movies. She is always working on little student side projects involving this.
  • Transgendered - Scout was born Douglas, but started living as Scout around nine years old. Her father supported her, even when under pressure from some more traditional family or co-workers. She is blessed with some pretty lucky genes, and feminization facial surgery, implants, etc. Most people aren't as lucky as her, and she knows this.
Ceremonial Magician
Film Studies

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