Scaccia Crime Family

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Scaccia Crime Family


Early Years

xxxxxSalvatore Scaccia founded the Scaccia crime family in 1915 to control bootlegging and gambling operations in Maine. In the 1920s a power struggle ensued in Boston as the Messina family attempted to wrest control of the illegal activities (loan sharking, gambling and bootlegging rackets) in the state, and was murdered in a nighttime attack. In 1930 a meeting was held and as Salvatore was about to be sentenced to a series of crimes his brother Gaspare was selected temporary boss.
xxxxxDuring the early 1930s Gaspare battled other gangs for territory and in 1931 Frank Wallace (The boss of the South Boston Irish Gustin gang) was murdered by Gaspares crew. In 1932 a series of negotiations had Gaspare merge the Providence Morelli family with the Buccola Boston fame along with his own to make the New England Crime Family. Buccala boss Lombardo was selected for head of this new organization, with Gaspare as his acting second or underboss.

Becoming the New England Family

xxxxxAttacks were made against Jewish mob boss Charles Solomon, destroying his organization and paving the way for the New England Crime Family to become the dominant criminal organization in the state of Maine. In the summer of 1952 Lombardo Buccala celebrated his retirement with a massive part in Rhode Island, and tapped Salvatore Scaccias oldest son Vito (now 41) as boss of the organization.
xxxxxAs leader of a powerful New England group of families, Salvatore Scaccia served on the Mafia ruling commission and had investments in Last Vegas as it began to grow. Heavily involved in the numbers racket and gambling and solidified the families hold over these crimes.
xxxxxIn 1957 more than 60 of the country’s highest level Mafia leaders met in a small city in upstate NY. The meeting was pounced on by law enforcement and Salvatore was one of the few leaders to escape unscathed, thanks to a fortuitous phone call from his expectant mistress.
xxxxxIn the 1960s the family was in a slight decline, with Salvatores name in the media and the family under increasing scrutiny from Robert F. Kennedys Justice department. The Justice Department worked hard to develop informants within the organization and had the luck to pull Johnny “Two Bones” Patrica from a doctors bed when an attempted hit on his life for holding back money from Salvatore left him crippled and almost dead. He sang like a bird and the end was coming for the son of the first Maine Mafia don.
xxxxxWith Two Bones giving up all his information the Feds were able to soon target Salvatore for his involvement in the attack on the former associate. Salvatore was sentenced to thirty years in final prison in 1967 and Two Bones was found dead in his Boston DA-backed home, a crime that resulted in the Underboss for the organization and four made men to be indicated and imprisoned in 1968.

The Decline
xxxxxThe period of decline lasted from the 1970s through the early 1980s until the ascension of Salvatores youngest son, Big Tony. Big Tony was 39 when he took over the family, something signed off on by the National Commission. He brought the familys focus back to Maine, shedding off the remnants of the family from Connecticut and Rhode Island and focusing his efforts around Boston and Maine proper. The new money maker was narcotics, with cocaine and heroin trafficking joining marijuana. Extortion remained a strong contender with gambling and illegal betting pools keeping the coffers stocked.
xxxxxWith RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) now the biggest tool in the Justice Departments armory the family tred lightly. New men were made rarely and required multiple layers of confirmation and details. At least three state department confidential informants and two Boston PD undercover officers failed to get anywhere in the organization, with one FBI agent disappearing in 1991 after meeting with his handler at a Boston diner.
xxxxxThis crime - the death of the federal agent - would come back to haunt Big Tony, who from 1982 through the early 2000s ruled the family with an iron fist. Unrelentingly old-school and traditional he met violence with four times more violence and surrounded himself with layers of associates to insulate him from prosecution. Betrayal was met with strong reactions and incursions from other organized crime into his state was met with enough violence to make the fight not at all worthwhile.

All Out War and the Dismantling of the Family
xxxxxBut as the bodies continued to drop from local gangs (who resented the Mafia control over the drug trade) as well as New York and New England crime families (who wanted the lucrative Boston market as well) the death of the agent in 1991 rose again to the surface. Big Tony’s first wife, Alicia, had threatened for years to go to law enforcement and she did. In 1993 she made contact with the FBI through a retired Boston detective she was seeing on the side, and soon was wearing a wire to family meetings and powwows. The effect was immediate and rough - the family started to come apart. Layer after layer surrounding Big Tony was removed from 1993 through 2000 - his Underboss cousin, his Consligerie - the family lawyer, 71 - even his personal chef, bodyguard and driver all were arrested, indicated, and in many cases flipped for federal cooperation.
xxxxxOf the made men in the organization, by 2001 thirty percent of them were serving time or dead as internal warfare split the family into several warring factions. Big Tony himself was indicated in 2001 and sentenced to 58 years in prison in 2003. He sits in prison, having lost his left leg to diabetes and mostly blind.
xxxxxBig Tony’s oldest son, Ricardo, was shot and killed by federal agents in 2002 in a failed bank heist; his youngest son, Jamie, turned state’s evidence and went into the US Marshals witness protection program. Returning home for the death of his mother in 2004 against the wishes of his handlers he was shot and killed leaving the funeral home.
xxxxxFrom 2000 through 2008 the family was in an immense state of disarray. Made men fled to other organizations, fled the state, or just fled to federal prisons with cushy sentences for passing along information. In 2007 Big Tony’s nephew, Genaro “Jerry” Scaccia, returned from a tour overseas, having decided the military wasn’t for him. He finished his MBA on the GI loan dime and left the military to start a local chain of restaurants and night clubs. Quietly, very quietly, he began to deal with the remnants of the organization and bring them together.

A New Generation
xxxxxBy 2012 the family was back in business. Local contacts made in Kabul allowed Jerry to begin to bring in heroin in larger batches. The organization still is a shadow of its former self - locked into a back and forth war with local gangs and with New England and New York families looking to encroach on their territories. But they have a strong set - albeit small - of made men and associates and they are beginning to slowly branch out.

The family was great once, and can be once again.

Recruiting Status
  • Six Feet Under - associated with rather than outright run by the family.
  • The Docks - While nobody would make a claim to control everything that goes in and out, the Scaccia have a decent hold over what comes in and out of the city via Archangelo "Archie" DiCesari, who will happily let through most things for just about everyone as long as he gets a cut. He's not the only trade down there, but he does know all the right people.
Scaccia Family Logs
At a Glance
  • Contact(s): Constancia, Matteo
  • Staffer:
  • Recruiting: Yes
  • Associated Sphere(s): Crime
  • Hangouts:
  • Channel: Mafia
Notable Members

Status •••••
Genaro "Jerry" Scaccia, 59 - Boss
Ido Cece, 45 - Consigliere

Status ••••
Marino Starace, 49 - Underboss
Archangelo DiCesari, 68 - Elder Capo

Status •••
Matteo Scaccia, 41 - Capo
Connie DiCisari, 32 - Capo (Unofficial), Wife-in-the-Know.

Status ••
Vincenzo Vittorio 30-something - Wise Guy
Gianpiero Scacchi 35 - Wise Guy

Status •
Charlize Scaccia
Bella Boone
Lexi Scaccia
Cain Scaccia, 24 - Cleaner
Emilia Rosenberg
Mariano Scaccia
John "Whiskey" Walker


Scaccia Crime Family

Associated Sphere: Crime