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Sam Hains

Well, I got a bad liver and a broken heart.
Yeah, I drunk me a river since you tore me apart.
And I don't have a drinking problem,
Except when I can't get a drink.
And I wish you'd a known her, we were quite a pair
Bad Liver and a Broken Heart

FrankensteinSymbol.jpgxxxxxRefinement Aurum.jpg

Apparent Age: Late 50's
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray
Occupation: Sanitarium Bus Driver

Lineage: Frankenstein (Wretched)
Refinement: Aurum (Gold)
Athanor: Unknown

Throng: The Antiquities
Role: Bus Driver
Creator: Unknown


At a Glance

xxxxxBus driver and mixologist. He drives the sanitarium bus back and forth to town several times a day, making sure everyone can get around. When he's not driving, he often serves drinks in the main hall at a makeshift bar. Sammy used to work as a bartender, moving from dive bar to dive bar as Disquiet dictated. He can make just about anything. Cuddly as a teddy bear covered in sandpaper, wise as a philosophical beggar, and with the voice of a whiskey soaked chainsaw. Sammy's been around and has tales to tell. He also has the scars to back them up. Or maybe you need any ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on? He has those, too. Everybody likes Sammy, because Sammy likes everyone.

Tricks of the Trade

Tips and ticks for use when emitting Sammy:

  • The Other Voice - If Gatsby is 'The Voice', Sammy is the other voice - the one that sounds like gravel soaked in whiskey while smoking three packs a day for fifty years.
  • Help A Brother Out - Sammy's always there for folks that need him, whether a ride to town or a shoulder to cry on.
  • The Friendly Frankenstein - Not a mean bone in his body.
  • Tales Of The Road - He's been all over, and has lots of stories to tell.

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