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Vital Statistics

Full Name: Samael Morgan
Birthdate: 16 Novermber 1991
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Build: Swimmer
Height: 5'8
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark BroWn
Occupation: Student / Hustler
Virtue: Righteous
Vice: Hot-Headedness

Words To Live By

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"The eye in the leaf is watching out of our fingers,
The ear in the stone is listening through our voices,
The thought of the wave is thinking in our dreams,
The faith of the seed is building with our deaths."
xxxxx- Kenneth Patchen, Collected Poems
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"Yeah, back then, the visions, yeah most of the time I was convinced... Shit... I'd lost it. But there were other times... I thought I was mainlining the secret truth of the universe."
xxxxx- Rustin Cohle, True Detective, Collected Poems

"Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego."
xxxxx- Terence McKenna

RP Logs
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Toussaint McCall - Nothing Takes The Place Of You

In The Flesh.

The Average Lad
xxxxxAll round average looking, clean-cut young man in his early twenties. His features are smooth and cheerful with a medium crop of casually styled brown hair. He wears sunglasses to hide wear his deep soulful blue eyes are really looking.
xxxxxHis regular clothes are primarily practical and casual, a regular t-shirt, denim jeans, a regular jacket and sneakers. He often carries canvas messenger bag with his university books was well as other odds and ends.

Trouble on the Street
xxxxxSamael's no stranger to trouble, bullied as youth and growing up in a rough neighbour, now when the occasion calls for it he goes in sports gear suited to his free running, and prepared for trouble.
xxxxx On those night he may be seen wearing motocross body armour, elbow, knee and shin pads over a zip up hoodie, leather pants, running shoes and a paintball mask, all in black.


Back Story

xxxxxSamael was born and grew up in Fallcoast, growing up in the Oakfield area of Hanging Hills. He had a troubled start, he was raised by his mother and grandmother, he knew very little about his father since he was never around when Sam was a kid. While his mother was working long hours at a local diner to support them.
xxxxxHe was bright but unfortunately gifted, in his day-dreams he saw a different, darker world as he got older it crept into his waking life. His grandmother, a memer of the Passamaquody said he was destined to be a Shaman, but his mother wasn't for having it.
xxxxxHe struggled to fit in, between the counselling and the growing distractions from the spirit world, as well as being a bit of hot-head he was bullied and got himself into fights with students who had unkind things to say about his parents, his mother in particular.
xxxxxAfter graduating from Four Towns Memorial High School and a brief time in a local community college Samael fell on hard times, with his grandmother declining health he took time out to care for her in the grips of dementia. In 2010 his grandmother died of 'natural' cause while his mother died soon after under suspicious circumstances. Following their deaths, Samael disappeared over night.
xxxxxSince leaving Fallcoast, Samael, tracked down the members of the Passamaquody tribe that his grandmother came from, with hard work and dedication he earned the mutual respect of their elders before being reluctantly trained to use his gifts as a Shaman; to see and listen to the spirits and embrace his position as an intermediary.
xxxxxNow, Samael has returned to Fallcoast, returning to University with the hopes of living as normal life as possible while balancing his new found responsibility to deal with the spirit world.

RP Hooks

  • Good at Heart
    Samael's an Altruist, and despite his better sense he wont stand by when he see someone in need, if he can help out he will, or at very least try. Even if it's likely to get him in trouble.
  • Free Running
    Samael enjoys running. It's his main source of exercise. Not just taking a jog around the block, though, he's an avid parkour enthusiast; you might have come across him during a run, practising stunts or running away from something.
  • Having Fun
    He's no angel, good food, strong booze and sex are his favourite past time; he goes clubbing, enjoys a good party and can easily be roped into attending one, whether just for a bit of fun or looking for marks. Just don't let him get high near you or he might pick up on something.
  • He's a Hustler
    He's generally up to mischief whether it's preforming illusions or busking on the street, hustling pool, pick-pocketing- whatever it takes to lightening the pockets of the well-to-do and jerks.
  • A Shaman
    Born with a gift he never wanted and reluctantly trained by Abenaki elders; he can see spirit, understand them and if need be visit their world.
  • And an Escort
    When all else fails to pay the bills he turns tricks at night. And if he really has to... sorts out other peoples business in the spirit world.

The Usual Haunts

  • St John's University.
    He's a student there, taking Anthropology and Occult Studies.
  • Chelsea Dunlin Library.
  • Dippin Donuts.
    Likes a donut and coffee break between runs and classes.



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