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Dangeeeeer Zoooone...

xxxxxSamantha Thorpe is the youngest of four children born to Elizabeth and James Thorpe. Unsurprisingly considering they are Thorpes her parents were entwined in the city as public servants, her mother serving as the ADA and her father a police officer. The most recent in a long line of police officers really. Two of her brothers and at least one of her closest cousins are police officers as well. It runs in the family. Samantha though is a freshman at the University studying criminal justice. Everyone just assumes she will end up a cop like so many in her family.

xxxxxThough she has been thinking about going into local politics.

RP Hooks
Sam Thorpe
Apparent Age: 18
Occupation: Troublemaker
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride

Species: Bastet
Breed: Cait Sith
Accord: Wind Dancer
Band: Smoke and Thunder

Notable Stats for RP
OOC Information
Feral Heart: ••
Dexterity: •••••
Brawl: •• ClawClawBite
Firearms: ••••• Pistols
Stealth: ••• Shadows
Intimidation: ••• Staredown
Striking Looks: •• Trouble
Breed bastet.pngWinddancericon.png
  • Family — Sam is a Thorpe and not above getting into mischief and trying to get her family to bail her out.

  • Club — She parties pretty hard maybe we've partied or should party?

  • Law — She will probably end up a cop like the rest of her siblings right... well that or politics...

  • College — Criminal Justice Major. Are you going to college and want to run into each other?

  • Feral — Wow what an adjustment. If the urge to cause chaos and bring justice to idiots maybe you can roll with this kitty?

  • Bayley — Sometime GF and bandmate.

  • Shyla — Her Bunneh and bandmate.

  • Ziva — BFF and bandmate.

  • Camron — Hunky Jock and bandmate.

  • Maleko — Shark Friend. Keep on Swimming.

  • Jenny — Cousin Jenny is awesome!

  • Evan — Older Brother and Cop - The mellow one.

  • Brodie — Older Brother and Cop - The not mellow one.

  • Anita — Older Sister and BnB owner. Maybe a secret hippie....

  • Tristan — Cousin and Doctor. Healer to All.

  • Nicole — Odd cousin. More to learn here for sure....

  • Haywood — Cousin and way way into technology. Nice but nerdy.

  • Wes — Uncle Wes.

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