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For even he who is most greedy for knowledge can achieve no greater perfection than to be thoroughly aware of his own ignorance

—Nicolas of Cusa


xxxxxMoving from Alexandria, Egypt, a city of four and a half million people in Egypt, to a small city in Maine, is a rather large transition to try to make. It only takes a glance at her or hearing her speak a few words to know that Safiyah differs from the average residents of Fallcoast a good deal in culture, language, and religion; her modest attire and heavy accent both leave little doubt about those things.

xxxxxAnyone who has taken a few moments to observe Safiyah or engaged her in conversation tends to find that beneath all of those differences are things most people can related to: she seems possessed with an indefatigable spirit, a boundless optimism, and an insatiable interest in everything the world has to offer, including in the people who populate it.

RP Hooks
  • University Student: Safiyah is a student at the local university.
  • Muslim: With her modest dress, Safiyah wears her faith fairly openly.
  • Egyptian: Anyone who spent time in the Consilium of Alexandria could have met her there.
  • Mystagogue: Safiyah is a Daduchos and one of the local Curators.
  • Choir of Hashmallim: Though she doesn't look much like a fighter, Safiyah's Legacy is one that seeks to battle the Abyss wherever or however it manifests.
Safiyah3.jpg Safiyah2.jpg
Safiyah Youssef Khaled
Date of Birth: 1989
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Student
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Choir of Hashmallim
Shadowname: Ash
Cabal: Rebirth.jpg (Rebirth)

Wye Oak, Glory
And in the telling of the story
I lose my way inside a prepositional phrase
I read his lips and I see glory
But what I hear is "be afraid"

I:Scintilla, Swimmers Can Drown
A stone stolid council speaks dogmatically
Bullets and antidotes divided evenly
A chilling consciousness wakes me from the trance
It redefines my mind I'll never have a chance

She Keeps Bees, Is What It Is
Bow to the power
Make sure it knows
How heavy it is
Be not completely consumed
Do not surrender
Is what it is
It's that kind of life