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xxxxxBorn and raised in Meadow Green a few decades ago Sabattus is a born and bred Skinner. After a brief stint and foray into lobster fishing he left home about 20 years and travelled cross country working odd jobs here and there. He ended up in Alaska on crab fishing boats, but his mother's health is deteriorating and so he's returned to Maine to help her out.

RP Hooks
  • Skinner! - Been gone twenty years, but was a facet in the trailer park for 30 years before that. Back now!
  • Boats! - Is a ship pilot and diesel mechanic. Boat broke? He can fix it.
  • Lobster! - It's summer! Lobster season is in full swing and prices are high. He can be found hauling traps most days off a couple of boats.

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Apparent Age: Late 40s
Occupation: Fisherman/Ship Mechanic
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Lust

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