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Ryland Knoxx


History? You don't need to know all that shit. What matters is the now.

Now? I'm an honest member of society just trying to earn a living.

Honest being the operative word, you get me?



Wolfblood: He may not be wholly comfortable with it, or overly inclined to help, but Ryland is wolfblooded.
Piercing Eyes: His eyes are yellow-gold and reflect light in a similar fashion to a cat or wolf. He can see Spirits - in fact, he can't /not/ see them.
Ex-Con: He's been in and out of jail a number of times, mostly for violent crimes.
Not-so-ex-Con: Sure he talks about taking to the straight and narrow, but he's one missed paycheck away from falling back on his old skills.
HaxxOr: Someone taught him how to use his computer properly, it seems.
Local: Ryland grew up here in Fallcoast, and kicked around until his mid-twenties. Might you have known him?


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