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Contacts & Allies


Blaise 03.jpg
Ok, for a guy who at first sounded like he had a 'stripper' name, he has a lot more depth.
I knew it was too good to be true. Now I find that Stig's in a relationship with this one. Funny, he doesn't look Druish.
Monami 25B.png
She seems skilled at herding cats. Good art skills. Might have her do some work for me.
She seemed to freak out when she heard my name. Probably knows the fam. Ugh. Never getting outta their shadow.


James Cavanaugh
Guy who found me when I was a seriously messed up point in my life.
Kai shorter.jpg
Neighbor in the dorms. He's a 'Morning Person', but I might forgive him.
Seriously disturbed by this one. She touched my phone.
Ibrahim 2.jpg
Curiosity is gonna kill me some day. <<Ringtone>>
Professor of Psych, I think. Knows of the fam. Seems cool.
Def. a cool guy. Lots in common. Too good to be true. <<Ringtone>>
Just...Day-um. Oh, and he wants me to help him study for Intro to Archy.
Total geek - who luvs Stargate -AND- he knows about Atlantis, -AND- he is building a friggen JARVIS. Woot! <<Ringtone>>
RP Hooks
  • College Student
    Mmmm, ramen noodles in a coffee mug.
  • Archaeology
    His major in college. Maybe there's something worth digging up with friends?
  • Hangouts
    When looking for Russ, he can be found in anyone of the following locations: a Bookstore Witchmart (Occult Bookstore), Fencing School, Coffee House, Museum or Gay Bar (Rarely)
  • Blackwell
    Though the name may not mean much up here in Maine, in New York City, the Blackwells are very well positioned within High Society. Known to have their money in transportation, shipping, they've diversified over the years into iron, paper and a number of smaller projects to keep the members of the family busy.
    Are you a member? Do you know the family?
  • New York City
    His family is based in New York City though they live in Sterling Ridge, NY. He's spent a considerable time in the city and is well known among the High Society scene through his family connections.

Russel is a bookish, somewhat shy and conservative academic type so his views of the supernatural world are colored through the lens of historical and cultural accounts. That being said, Russ is a complete geek when it comes to scifi and fantasy books and games. So part of him looks at the myths and legends scattered throughout the historical record as simply a non-material, cultural element. However, the other part of him /wants/ the stuff of legends to be true. Specifically, he /needs/ to find out what hidden truth of the world has been lost or buried over the centuries.

  • Psychic
    After having seen ghosts, felt vampires and real magic, poor Russell's mind snapped and he suddenly could hear voices. Not just any voices but all of the people around him in the middle of one of his lectures. he's taken a step in a new direction. Who's to say where it will lead?
  • Vampire
    Russ has run across these things before though he didn't exactly know what he was sensing at the time. His knowledge is sparse at best but it's enough (A Little Knowledge) to wet his appetite and encourage him to see just how far the rabbit hole goes. As a student of history and culture, what better subject to study than those creatures who have been manipulating us for centuries?
  • Mage
    His natural academic inclinations, coupled with his interest in the occult could have lead him down the path towards awakening. So much so that I've picked up SLEEPWALKER for him since he really does -want- to believe in the supernatural and is, with now two different Unseen Senses, starting to realize that the world ain't what he thought. He's an old school Hermetic waiting to wake up - but that never happened. Instead, his mind skipped a beat and turned itself up to 12.
  • Changeling
    These are the folk who sort of 'bug' Russ. He has heard that they are not the fairies and leprechauns of folktales, but they were those creatures who made the Brothers Grim take note. To that end, he hasn't looked too far into them but there's that nagging sense that he'll run across one and not be able to look away. They know his name. They always know his name - and he doesn't know why.
  • Geist
    This is where he's got most of his occult training. Within a scholarly sense, he's done the most reading on hauntings and ghosts and things. It's one of the few phenomena that he can discuss with others without appearing completely out of his mind. And, it was one of the favored subjects of his mentor.
  • Werewolf
    He's seen the Howling. The original. It kept him out of the woods for about 3 years as a kid. Why change that now?
  • Grail Diary
    Russ found a hand-written account of a hunter's investigation into Vampires. Originally believing it to be a work of creative fiction, he took it from the shelves of the university library and read it. When he attempted to return the book, finding it a good read but too full of questions and not enough closure, he discovered one of his professors trying to find it. Curious why a professor would want it, he held back the journal to investigate further. When the campus police searched his room for drugs and the journal was taken, his curiosity was piqued, more so when he saw one of the cops handing it over to the professor. This is how he started his path towards discovery.
  • Sherlock Holmes
    A fan of the movies and the modern, British series, Russ loves a good mystery. He even has tried his hand at fencing and playing the violin. Thankfully he's better at the former and only practices the latter when he's out of the dorm. He's a bit of an antiquarian, preferring hand-written letters to email, fountain pens to disposables, etc.
  • 9th Gate
    Similar to the story of Dean Corso in the movie, Russ is a bit of a book hound who focuses upon collecting journals, common place books and diaries of the 'strange and unusual'. He's somewhat aloof, like Corso, but means well and is generally honest when it comes to dealing with others - at least until they start lying to him.
  • Curios
    Russ is curious to a fault. He's the guy who -has- to know how the magician did his tricks, who had to read what happened to Dumbledore before reading the rest of the book. This can lead to a streak of impatience within him but it's also a source of his greatest asset; fortitude. His curiosity has driven him beyond the limits of mild interest on more than one occasion and its this asset that will take him into a bold, dark new world.
  • Reserved
    Some people have to be the center of attention, the life of the party, the clown at the center of the circus; not Russ. If you were to go your average house party, Russ would be the guy that's on the back porch or in the kitchen having one of those mind-altering conversations that the people at the front of the house (the popular kids who are getting drunk and doing stupid things) probably wouldn't get. Though he is not above letting his hair down and indulging in his voices from time to time, he's not too public about it. As the saying goes "Dance as if no one's watching, but write as though it were being read at a deposition". When it's time to dance, he'll dance - short of that, he'll keep his business to himself.
  • Approachable
    Some might look at him and think, 'Oh, he's harmless' or 'he seems like a descent chap'. He's a guy with average looks, has a sort of book nerdish quality and doesn't reek of danger. People just seem to approach him without hesitation. This could be at a party, at a coffee house, etc. He's just a friendly sort of guy.

xxxxxRussell or 'Russ' to his friends, is a recent arrival at the university to continue his education in Archaeology. He was involved with the fencing club back at NYU and did research with some of the pagan groups in and around campus. He's something of a book nerd but has taken it to a near-professional level as he's started to dabble in the collecting and sale of rare books - at least when he can find them. Somewhat quiet, his mannerisms might be considered nerdish or quirky by those around him. He's a scifi geek and fantasy buff who has one foot in the ancient world of ruins and artifacts and another in the 'fictitious' world of monsters, aliens and lost cities.

xxxxx More detail located Here

Basic Info
Full Name: Russell Blackwell
Birthdate: August 4th, 1995
Apparent Age: Mid-20's
Occupation: College Student
Major: Archaeology
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Sphere: Mortal
Notable Stats
Academics ••• (Archaeology)
Persuasion ••• (Cutting Deals)
Subterfuge ••• (Detecting Lies)
Character Tropes
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Apologize - Timbaland

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Got me ten feet off the ground
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Raise your Glass - Warblers

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In all the right ways
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Raise your glass
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Raise Your Glass!
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