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The Late Mr. Milwaukee
Birth: Ha ha...
Age: Mid 30s
Occupation: Shady Fellow
Themesong: Black Crow King
Threshold: Silent
Archetype: Celebrant
Krewe: The Society of Crows
Geist: Mr. Brightside
Aspect: The Rope

(Just a local boy)

Roy bleeds Fallcoast. Roy is born and raised in Pigeon Hill. Roy has seen some shit. Roy is fascinated by the decaying splendor of once great Americana, the dilapidated ghosts of a bygone age. Roy aligns himself with the hardscrabble blue collar folk of Maine, and falls into that category himself, having turned to a life of crime after the mill closed, and industry left the area. He had moved out to the country, got married, lived quietly for a while. Now he's got an empty house in the middle of the woods, and ex-wife and a desire to get back to the town he loves. At least you don't have to pay alimony to escaped convicts.

(Dead and Kicking)

Roy is a Sin Eater, he's been dead and he didn't like it very much. He won't be having any of that anymore, no sir. Roy is one of the leaders of the mysterious local Krewe the Society of Crows who are actually not all that secret, and he is deeply involved in events that affect the local Twilight Network.

(As your attorney, ...)

Roy is a Barrister. He has studied the Old Laws of the Underworld and knows how they work, and is able to find loopholes to make them work for him, or for you for a price. Ironically, this has also led him to realize that the Underworld is kind of a terrible place to be, and he doesn't really like going there.


Roy is OG Kings. He doesn't always look it, his style not fitting with the street gangster vibe, but make no mistake, he didn't rise through their ranks by luck. His particular skill set is as a fence and fixer, making sure that the trains run on time for the expanding organization. When doing deals, Roy can often be found at the Queen of Hearts Lounge, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

(Of Notable Quality)

Roy possesses the merit Striking Voice 2 (Whiskey and Cigarettes). He has a face you could maybe forget, but not that voice.

(A Night at the Diner, Night at the Movies)

Roy is a bit of a night owl, tending to be up late, and found all over the area at odd hours, and is a staple of the insomniac crowd at several local area diners. Additionally, he is the host of a local cable television program entitled Movie Diner, With Roy in which he presents and hosts segments surrounding a hand picked "gem" from the station's vaults that suits his interests, usually strange or unusual movies, or so bad that they're good. Roy loves diners. Roy loves movies, especially bad, weird or unusual ones, off-cuts and oddities. Roy still occasionally organizes his guerrilla film festivals, breaking into a place, setting up a projector and seeing who shows up.




Songs & Logs
The River-Bruce Springsteen
Now those memories come back to haunt me
They haunt me like a curse
Is a dream a lie if it don't come true?
Or is it something worse?

The Ballad of the Sneak-DaVinci's Notebook
If you've got a caper then you know who to call!
(It's the Sneak! It's the Sneak!)
Who's that dapper swindler out of Tammany Hall?
(It's the Sneak! It's the Sneak!)

King Shiv-Man Man
And if you'd ever gotten everything that you wanted
Well wouldn't that be some king shit?
But as the case would have it, well you certainly haven't
You've been hand-to-mouthing every step of it.

The Man With No Soul-Wax Tailor
I'd be happy to face
The coming of your disgrace
You never seem to erase
Some sort of bitter taste.

Dead Man's Party-Oingo Boingo
I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walking with a dead man over my shoulder
Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Going to a party where no one's still alive
Roy's Logs
Roy's ST'd Logs