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“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”

Elbert Hubbard


xxxxxIf you can't tell from her Bed Stuy accent, Rosalee D'Amiglio is from New York City. She's been told that she smiles a lot, which surprises her, because she's got one hell of a temper. That temper gets her in a lot of trouble. She's often seen in a state of intoxication, from any variety of sources, to escape it. That temper also got her in trouble with a powerful New York crime lord who called himself "The Duke," so she got on a Grayhound and went as far north as it would take her: Fallcoast. Now she has found her place in the Scaccia Family, where she is an eager associate with ambition for advancement despite traditional limitations. Word on the street is she's also one-third of the mastermind (and yet only one-sixth of the shareholding!) behind Six Feet Under, the Fallcoast Historical District speakeasy.

RP Hooks
  • People Should RP With Me because Rosalee is always up for a caper, even if -- or perhaps especially if -- it's illegal. Also, she's interested in weird shit, although she's completely mortal and oblivious to the supernatural. She's ripe for "becoming" whatever a willing sponsor might have in store for her in breaking her blue-pill delusions about the world's cosmology. Her heroin addiction makes her vulnerable to influence.
  • These Are The Things We Can RP About: Above the bar in Six Feet Under, the speakeasy she runs with Gideon and Trudy, hangs an enormous -- but ostensibly otherwise "human" -- femur bone; the origin of it remains a mystery, except to Ripu, whose Mage sight revealed the bone's secret to him. More recently, she found, in one of the bottles of tequila on the shelf of the speakeasy, a living "worm" with headflaps and a sucking, fang-filled maw, which was confiscated by Shea; only the Mages know, now, what has become of the creature. Also, if you've got some dirty work to be done, no job is too small for Rosalee. Come by her speakeasy, Six Feet Under; hijinks there are virtually guaranteed if she's around.



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Rosalee D'Amiglio
Date of Birth: November 15th
Apparent Age: 19
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath


Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

I cheated myself
Like I knew I would
I told you I was trouble
You know that I'm no good




  • David: Introduced me to Fallcoast and helped me get on my feet
  • Chase: Caught me burglarizing his castle and didn't kill me
  • Marc: Gave me shelter & beer & taught me of the dangers of Crow Hollow Woods
  • Kilo: My homegirl! Best tattoo artist in Fallcoast
  • Free: Kilo's fiancé...he better treat her right
  • Loci: Buddy who helped me clean out the building that became Six Feet Under
  • Godric Ritter: Doc at St. John's & volunteer at the shelter where I used to stay
  • Jesse: Social worker at the homeless shelter where I stayed before I got on my feet
  • Obadiah Cobb: Good ol' boy who helped me rescue little orphan Chlöe
  • Nate: Nature boy who helped me rescue little orphan Chlöe
  • Wendell Goldman: A hungry boy who'll help me do anything for food
  • Kato: More generous than he cares to admit; gave me my first job in Fallcoast
  • Gideon: My business partner for Six Feet Under
  • Trudy: My business partner for Six Feet Under
  • Tara: My employee, and the hardest working waitress in Fallcoast


  • Dragash: A very generous shrink whose professional opinion is that I'm bat-shit crazy
  • Carson: Made a deal with the devil? You got off easy! This guy's sucking me dry!
  • Shea: She's not afraid to squash bugs for me...FUCK YOU, gender stereotypes!
  • Ripu: Bone afficionado
  • Imogene: Off-hours bartender and server at Six Feet Under

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