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Nature, when seen through a human lens, can appear deeply disturbing. To turn that view on its head, you must accept the pain... and evolve.
Rezart Deninger
Date of Birth: 05 Nov 1981 Apparent Age: Mid-thirties Occupation: Bioaugmenter Virtue: Hope Vice: Gluttony
Threshold: Stricken Archetype: Necromancer Geist: The Gossamer Dervish Krewe: Enlightened_Bulwark

Rezart recently arrived to Fallcoast, on some form of crazy mission involving anatomies, science and weird investigations.

RP Hooks
  • I've got a demented companion, the Gossamer Dervish, who shrieks in my ear all the time. Got one too? Let's chat.
  • I go to parties and go clubbing in my occasional spare time, partly to commune with the Dervish. It relieves the stress.
  • Some of those might involve chance encounters, or a visit to a kink club. I frequent both. I'm a switch.
  • Bodymods, body hackers... bioaugmenters, all of a similar purpose.
  • Taxidermy and bizarre collections. I've got a stuffed dog, stuffed beetles, a stuffed spider and snake...
  • Crazy science. Let's plot insane projects to rule the world... investigate strange phenomena... invent phenomena...
  • Half-dead undead freshly-dead lore. Got some juicy piece of info about the boundaries of life and death? Let's share.
  • Rezart Rumor Board. If we're cool OOCly, feel free to edit rumors about me and you. ^_^
Enlightened Bulwark
  • Basilio Pretty good guy so far. Has a good head on his shoulders, unlike me.
  • Kate I gotta admit I didn't anticipate kreweing with a Reaper or a cop! Seems like she knows what she's after.
Friends Until Proven Otherwise
  • Deckard Life of the party. It's always going to be wild time with Deck around.
  • Kilo Your tattoo parlor has caught my attention! Now I have to visit.
  • Cross Met her the once so far, too. Are you a friend of anyone?
  • Isrieal You'll be my new strange obsession.
  • Citlalmina Sure, she's something of a sociopath, but people often say the same thing about me...
  • Phoenix Hope you're still reading.
Enemies Who Have Proven Otherwise
  • Just another test.
Rivals Who Think Like Me
  • Tyberia You're going to push my theories to the extreme. I can already see that.
  • Vilma Why did that oath about our blood have a weight to it, like I'm held to it?
Those Who Vanished
  • Lynneth One of the potential Founders of the Bulwark, then he up and vanished. Hope he's okay.
  • Howell Bizarre old bastard. You set in motion a situation much bigger than yourself.
  • (2016.03.14)
Colour Party for The Walking Dead!
  • (2016.04.22)
Static: Dead Man's Party
  • (2016.04.27)
Bonfire Beach Party (Plus A Yacht)
  • (2016.05.01)
Beltane BBQ
  • (2016.05.19)
Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself: Something To Fear
  • (2016.05.20)
Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself: Ghostbusting
  • (2016.05.27)
The Binding of the Enlightened Bulwark
  • (2016.08.30)
Foundation Meeting: That Thing In The Basement
  • (2016.10.22)
Monsters Feast
  • (2016.10.22)
Alpha Combat Forces 1
  • (2017.03.03)
Radion Heart Health Fair
  • (2017.04.24)
GenITek: The Spy

Chvrches - Science/Visions



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