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Cobalt Rasender
Full Name: Cobalt Rasender
Date of Birth: January 13th
Apparent Age: Thirties
Occupation: Musician
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Threshold: Silent
Archetype: Necromancer
Geist: The Nightbringer
Keys: Passion, Stillness, Primeval
The more you know...

  • Heavy f'n metal!: Lead singer, songwriter, and bassist (Fame: 2) for well-known metal band Mired, currently on Roadrunner Records, and they’ve been around since the early aughts. He's even coined the term "mired metal" to describe the band's particular blend of doom, death, symphonic, gothic, thrash and other styles. His singing style is part death metal growl, part baritone balladier. Their music is dark, dramatic and death-focused but very brutal, inspiring acts of violence at their shows and rumors of necromancy and Satanism from Rasender and the band members due to so-called 'zombies' appearing during their shows. Rasender himself had a near-brush with death after supposedly ODing on a number of substances, only adding to the macabre image of the band and its mastermind.


Pretty Ones

They Live

  • Roy - “That smart mouth is getting you into trouble. With me."
  • Citlalmina - “Arrogant women are the fucking worst."
  • David - “So you're the biggest. So the fuck what?"
  • Dante - “Your words make me taste blood. And I like the taste of blood."
  • Franklin - “I'm dubious."
  • Deckard - “Talks too much."
  • Frankie - “What's as bad as an arrogant woman? The kind with a chip on her shoulder."
  • Prudence - “Hot lady cop? I didn't even know I had this fantasy."


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