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Path mastigos.pngOrder rune guardians of the veil.pngGuardians of the veil bearers of the eternal voice.png
“I have with me two gods: Persuasion and Compulsion.”

– Themistocles


xxxxxRamsey is the bumbling professor of history with the sonorous voice. He is your neighbor, the one who could use a hand around the house. He is the grandfatherly gentleman who is always ready with a glass of scotch and a fireside chat. And when he suggests in that soft and kindly way of his that you see things his way, he is the man who makes perfect sense...

RP Hooks


  • University: Ramsey is a visiting professor of Ancient History at St. Johns University. Perhaps you are a student? Or perhaps you need a lesson in history so you are not doomed to repeat its mistakes.


  • Guardian of the Veil: Ramsey is a member of the Order and takes this responsibility very seriously. He is here to get his hands dirty so you don't have to.
  • Bearer of the Eternal Voice: "I just want to talk to you. What's the harm in that?"

xxxxxAn older man with a kind face, he appears to be roughly seventy years old. His hair is white and straight, neatly cut and worn in a part that reveals its receding nature. A high forehead and a strong chin are balanced out by a bold nose upon which a pair of circular spectacles are usually perched. Behind them, his eyes are bright and blue, prone to crinkling when he smiles.

xxxxxHe wears a dark, charcoal grey suit, well-tailored, but also well-worn, with an academic's patches on the elbows. The shirt beneath is a crisp pink oxford, buttoned at the neck and providing an excellent backdrop for the black and silver striped tie that hangs there.


Ramsey3.jpg Ramsey2.jpg Ramsey4.jpg

Ramsey Prescott
Date of Birth: 06 Sep 1945
Apparent Age: 70
Occupation: History Professor
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Pride

Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: Bearers of the Eternal Voice
Shadow Name: Cicero

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