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“Words sound false / When your coat's too thin / Feet don't waltz / When the roof caves in / So if you kiss me / If we touch / Warning's fair / I don't care very much”
Cabaret - I Don't Care Much

GalateaSymbol.jpgxxxxxRefinement Cobalus symbol.jpg

Apparent Age: 30's?
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Occupation: None

Lineage: Galatea (Muse)
Refinement: Cobalus (Cobalt)
Athanor: Unknown

Throng: The Antiquities
Role: Catalyst
Creator: Unknown


At a Glance

xxxxxRags is a strange one. One of the rare Galatea on the Path of Cobalt, he is an unusually detached and clinical Muse, often causing chaos simply to study it as it unfolds. He uses his charm - oh, he HAS it in spades, even if he rarely shows it - to get close to mortals and get under their skin, to see what makes them uneasy. To see what their Disquiet does to them. Yet there's a method to his seeming madness and he rarely does things without careful consideration. Controlled and scientific mayhem.

Tricks of the Trade

(Note: Rags should only be used with staff approval.) Tips and ticks for use when emitting Rags:

  • Stilted - His movements are often stilted and exaggerated, like a puppet.
  • Cobalus - Chaos follows him. If things go crazy, there's a good chance he's in the middle of it.
  • Mentor - Like his throngmates, he guides and counsels others. But should you take his advice?

Ragdoll02.jpg Ragdoll03.jpg


Leonard Cohen ~ The Future