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xxxxxYeah, she's one of those weird Abernathies who has desperately tried to keep her nose clean and blend in but has failed to shake the family aura of weirdness. Local to the area her entire life, she dropped out of college to join the Fallcoast Police Academy and support her ailing, but totally wacky, palm reader mother. She has very recently moved from the patrol division to the rank of detective in the General Crimes Squad. She tries to balance her 'day' job as a cop with her 'night' job as a hunter keeping Fallcoast safe, all while attempting to come to grips with being the spawn of Satan. Ultimately she ends up at the bar to forget about it all.
RP Hooks
  • Law: Whether you're on the force or being chased by them, you might know Quinn!
  • Local: She never could get out.
  • Lucifuge: Being a descendant of the Devil is such a bummer.
  • Coming Soon!

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Quinn Abernathy
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Detective
Badge: 7013 (General Crimes)
Virtue: Vigilance
Vice: Paranoia

Family: Abernathy
Sphere: Hunter
Conspiracy: Lucifuge

Robert Delong - Long Way Down

Burning night in my eyes
Blinding me from the truth
If there's a shadow in me
The dark is a tidal wave inside of you
Taking shots at communion
Getting drunk on your antidote
I'll save you a seat next to me down below