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Scions are a Minor (M+) Template. We are making a home-brewed version as follows:

A Scion is a Mortal that descends from one of the Redeemed - a Promethean that gained Mortality. They need not be direct descendants, perhaps Grandma or a Great Uncle was one of the Redeemed. Because the Redeemed seldom remember their time as one of the Created, it's highly unlikely a Scion knows much - or even anything - about the Created. They're just a normal person, until the day they see one of the Created as they truly are and don't feel the urge to scream.

Scions Can

  • See Disfigurements. They see Prometheans as they really are.
  • Ignore Disquiet. They're naturally immune to it, making them some of the few Mortals a Promethean could really befriend.
  • See alchemical Brands.
  • Sense Torment. They recoil in it's presence like the Created do.

In addition, Scions can buy the following Merit:

  • Elpis Aware (1 dot) - As per the Elpis Merit Prometheans can buy, but it gives them insight into Created they befriend. Each use must be approved by Staff, who will roll and provide the Scion with the vision they get, if any.

Any Scion that helps a Promethean achieve a Milestone - with or without Elpis Awareness - gets XP equal to HALF the Vitriol awarded to the Promethean, rounded up. A 3VP Milestone would net a 2XP bonus to the Scion.

Scions Can Not

  • Be a Psychic or Thaumaturge.
  • Use Azothic Objects.
  • Use Transmutations, Bestowments, or any other power.
  • Gain Vitriol.
  • Follow a Refinement.